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Honey masks for beautiful face skin

Медовые маски для красивой кожи лицаThe mask of honey for facial skin are the unquestionable leaders among the masks available in the home.

Facial masks from honey, made at home, is remarkable for its naturalness.

About the beneficial properties of honey was known by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

They were treated with various diseases, and the Greek and Egyptian beauties, Yes, even Cleopatra used honey to maintain youth of the skin.

Facial masks from medamed and is now one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetic products. The uniqueness of this product is difficult to overestimate. It contains almost all trace elements, which positively influence the condition of our skin.

Honey can penetrate deeply into the skin, which occurs due to its active humidification. Well-hydrated skin helps slow down the aging process. Also honey has a deep peeling effect, as they are able to remove any impurities from the skin. Honey is able to tighten the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Another awesome property of honey is that it is suitable for any skin type. Whether it is oily skin, or dry and flaky, or adolescent, prone to acne or aging skin.

Facial masks from berries or honey both industrial and home-made products, is applied to the thorough washed and cleaned with lotion face. Keep the mask on your face to as much as written in the instructions. Rinse the mask should be melted, boiled or mineral water. Wash off the mask with water from the tap is not advisable. After applying the mask you need to apply a moisturising face cream that suits your skin type.

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The only disadvantage of cosmetics, which includes honey, is this possible allergic reaction. Therefore, the face mask made of honey is contraindicated for persons with allergies to this product. For those who are not allergic to honey, face masks will be indispensable in the fight for the preservation of the beauty of the skin and body.

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