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“Honey” Allergy: the first signs and solutions

«Медовая» аллергия: первые признаки и способы устраненияI am glad that only one percent people of the total number of vulnerable to honey.

Honey is a natural product, and for the conversion of all of its beneficial properties are not enough fingers on hands and feet. But, as strange as it may sound, for some people, honey is a dangerous product that causes terrible allergic reactions in the form of swelling, hives, blisters, shortness of breath and cough.

The main reasons because of which the honey becomes allergenic:

1. Ingress of pollen of weeds, which are powerful allergens.

2. Overeating. Doctors are allowed to eat about 100 g of honey per day for adults and three times less children. From the point of view of nutrition, a day without fears for their health and figure to eat 1-2 teaspoons of honey and nothing more. If you ignore the doctor’s recommendations, you may develop an Allergy to honey.

3. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract and any other type of Allergy. According to statistics, people with allergies, and asthmatics are at risk of “honey” allergies, so doctors are advised not to get carried away honey.

Two true methods that will help you to determine if you have an Allergy to honey:

Method # 1: take in the mouth 1 tsp honey no slides, hold it there and spit it out. If you’re looking. you have the beginning of a tickle in the throat or swollen, numb tongue, the honey is contraindicated for you.

Method # 2: drop honey, apply on the inner surface of the elbow and wait a couple of minutes – irritation or red rash? If not, you can safely eat honey, otherwise do not risk your health and life.

How to deal with an Allergy to honey?

Take antihistamines can solve this problem if they are at hand.

Doctors “first aid” to quickly relieve symptoms of an allergic reaction with the help of special injections.

Other options for dealing with allergies, except that pre-test the product to determine whether it is allergenic for you, and ignore it in the case when the test result is positive.

And remember, when “honey” Allergy med can consume and use the products, which it is, otherwise the reaction will be immediate and certainly will not please you.

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