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Honda will enable the cars to “see” through walls

Honda научит автомобили «видеть» сквозь стеныCreates 360-degree picture of the area.

Honda demonstrated a new safety system designed to reduce the number of accidents at intersections. Smart Intersection uses the power of communication Protocol vehicles with infrastructure (V2X), a software for recognition of objects and installed on traffic lights camera.

The basis of Smart Intersection to four cameras mounted at each corner of the intersection and fixing objects at a distance of 91 meters. The image they broadcast on a computing platform where developed with the help of Honda’s software creates 360-degree picture of the area, classified vehicles and other moving objects (pedestrians and cyclists).

Relevant information is transferred to the system connected to the vehicles onboard computer which decrypts the data and displays the audiovisual alert, helping the driver take proper actions to avoid collision. This allows the car to literally see through walls of buildings, regardless of weather conditions, making the intersection safer. According to statistics, on them is up to 40 percent of the accidents, which killed seven thousand Americans every year.

The pilot launch of the system, developed with the support of the authorities of Marysville, became a part of the project 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, in which the 56-km stretch of highway 33 is created a zone for the safe movement of unmanned and networked cars.

Honda научит автомобили «видеть» сквозь стены

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