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Honda has released unusual motorcycle

Honda выпустила необычный мотоциклThe Honda has invented a new bike that can balance itself

Stopping at traffic lights or performing the maneuver at a low speed, any motorcyle, recently sat down behind the wheel, starts to get nervous.

Easy to keep the bike straight at speed, but when maneuvering in the Parking lot, all the weight pulls down. The Honda has invented a new bike that can balance itself, writes Popular Mechanics.

Honda Riding Assist was demonstrated at the show in Las Vegas. The system is extremely simple. At startup, the system increases the angle of the fork, extend the wheelbase of the motorcycle and, apparently, separates the front forks and wheel. The system then uses sensors for continuous alignment of the motorcycle, with no heavy gyroscopes, or other devices capable of changing the center of mass, in design no. The bike can even go for the owner without falling.

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While Honda has not announced plans to start Riding Assist in mass production, but would be logical if this technology will be installed in the future motorbikes of the company. It is not an Autonomous, self-driving motorcycle, but a clear step in that direction.

Even if it looks rather strange, but this design will be indispensable for all novice motorcyclists.

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