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Honda boasted two new products

Honda похвалилась двумя новинкамиHonda introduced the new hybrid and electric cars

The company Honda has presented two versions of model Clarity – Clarity hybrid model Plug-in Hybrid and full electric Clarity Electric. Together with the already available on the market a car with hydrogen fuel cells Fuel Cell Clarity, these new items will allow Honda to boost sales Clarity to 75,000 units in the next four years.

Series Clarity will also help Honda to achieve the goal – in five times to increase sales of electric vehicles in the U.S. for four years and by 2030, to carry out the ambitious task of equipping two-thirds of all vehicles of the brand electric in one form or another.

Two completely new models will join the Clarity Fuel Cell model, whose sales started in December 2016. Therefore, Clarity will be the first series of cars, offering customers an expanded list of powertrains with electric traction, fuel cell, battery electric or plug-in hybrid. Regardless of the type of engine and fuel, owners will find a spacious five-seat sedan, equipped with the latest technology. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Honda Clarity is a car designed for the further development of technology and expansion of the actuator in the mass market. Series Clarity testifies to the success of the project Electrification Initiative Honda , in which Honda has invested in all areas of electrical technologies in the transport industry,” commented senior Vice President and General Manager of the us representative office of Honda, Jeff Conrad.

“The future of the automotive industry and Honda’s future lies in electrification. It all starts now with a new series of cars Clarity,” commented Vice President, multimedia and environmental technology, American Honda representative, Steve center.

Being the embodiment of the dynamic style Honda in the world of electric cars, the Clarity in each of the versions has a low aerodynamically optimised body with a unique design elements, color combinations, design of the front part, headlamps and rear lights, as well as exclusive wheels 18 radius. Together with elegant and high-tech exterior, the model offers customers a spacious saloon, which can comfortably accommodate five adult passengers. Interior models are finished with environmentally friendly materials premium.

All versions of Clarity can offer brand owners the pleasure of driving, which is famous Honda cars. All this combined with a quiet and smooth running, as well as instant supply of torque during acceleration, which is typical for EVS in General. Drivers waiting for a full set of advanced technologies – from multimedia system Display Auto-enabled Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ to the Suite of active safety systems and driver assistance HONDA SENSING™.

Three power units and luxury equipment make Clarity an attractive vehicle for a wide audience. Strategy three-in-one allows Honda to respond quickly to infrastructure and market developments, providing customers a model with ultra low emissions.

Using a series of Honda Clarity responds to urgent social and environmental challenges, at the same time expecting sales growth of efficient and clean vehicles with low carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, in 2018 Honda will introduce in the US market dedicated hybrid model that will be produced in America.

Hybrid Honda Clarity 2018 model year will go on sale in the U.S. in 2017. The supply of the electric range is 42 miles, the highest figure for a vehicle of this type. For longer trips, the car relies on ultra-efficient 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine running on the Atkinson cycle. It generates electricity, simultaneously acting as a direct source of power. Together, the electric motor and the internal combustion engine increase the power reserve of the model to more than 330 miles.

The power output of the electric motor is 191 HP Battery capacity of 17 kWh can fully fill your charge for 2.5 hours at a voltage of 240 volts.

Electric Honda Clarity Electric 2017 model year is aimed at customers spacious and comfortable sedan for the daily commute. Equipped with a 161-HP (120 kW) electric motor and a battery pack with a capacity of 25.5 kWh, the car can be fully charged in a little over three hours at a voltage of 240 volts. When using rapid charging, alternating current with technology SAE Combined Charging System, 80% of the battery charge can be replenished in just 30 minutes.

Honda похвалилась двумя новинками
Honda похвалилась двумя новинками

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