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Homemade smoothies for weight loss

Домашние коктейли для похуденияHomemade weight loss smoothies is a mixture of useful and delicious products.

What results can you expect if you consistently consume a protein shake? Weight loss from 3 to 5 kg per month, improved well-being and metabolism.

Leave the tiredness will disappear and the feeling of depression and constant nervous tension, increase skin elasticity.

Protein shakes come in the diet of women from sports nutrition. And if men using a balanced consumption of protein increased muscle mass, of course, working out in gyms, women began to use protein shakes for weight loss.

Protein shakes are useful for those that are very low in calories, protein compounds, included in their composition, not deposited in the fat and are building muscle mass. Due to the low caloric content of the beverage and a large amount of fiber comes quick feeling of “fullness”.

Some reviews about protein shakes or any recipe States that they need to take instead of food, but it’s not and may harm the health. By drinking this beverage menus must be balanced and diverse, i.e. contain and fats, and carbohydrates.

Correct the decision to cut five meals a day to three times a day, and instead of the usual lunch or snack to drink a protein shake. Start with one serving of the cocktail of the day and look at the reaction of the body during the week. The weight started to leave, feel better – so continue to drink as usual. If significant changes there is need to increase the intake to two drinks a day.

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The effect of using protein cocktail depends on whether it is used. When taking this drink in order to lose weight mandatory physical exertion, though not severe, but the daily, e.g., morning gymnastics, running, aerobic exercise, dancing, swimming, fitness. To “magic” cocktail in several ways: to buy ready-made at the store of sports nutrition, buy protein powder, on the basis of which you can make the cocktail yourself fully to prepare a protein shake at home.

You need to know the basic components. Cocktails must be present (by choice or together): milk fat content of 1-1,5%, cheese with fat content of 0.5-1.5%, kefir with fat content of 1-1,5%, low-fat yogurt, egg whites.

In these products the highest content of protein. By the way, homemade protein shakes is healthier, and the feeling of satiety from them stays longer. Please note that these shakes can not be combined with additional, not stipulated by the recipe, sweeteners. If you want to reduce the calories of the original recipe, use half fruit or berries, eliminate the honey. Those who need less protein, you can reduce the amount of cheese. If you need to take a product from home, be sure to use a thermos. Usually the mixture stored in the refrigerator, but most of the recipes are designed so that the mixture will be used immediately. A protein shake can’t drink in one gulp – stretch fun in small SIPS!

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After some time all the cocktails stale, so you can be creative and create your own recipe of protein shake. Select framework that you like best. Let it be yogurt, kefir or milk. Then pick up some carbohydrate product: berries, fruit, jam or honey. Necessarily need a liquid Foundation, and if you had only curd, dilute the drink with water. Use a protein shake for the body is undeniable. If to reinforce this benefit of moderate physical activity and proper nutrition, the effect will exceed all expectations. They will not only lose weight, but will make the figure feminine is a relief and very beautiful.

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