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Home alone rated R? Trailer “Look around”!

Christmas horror-Comedy “Look around” (Better Watch Out) finally got a full and a pretty funny trailer.

Of course, before the Christmas holidays is still far away, but no one forbids us to have a little bloody Christmas in October! And the movie Chris Peckover clearly will help us in this.

Winter Christmas eve in the quiet, snow-covered American suburb. Ashley works as a nurse at Deandra and Robert Lerners, looking after their 12-year-old son. But this evening she has to stand up for the boy when the house starts to break strangers… and this is not the usual robbery attempt.

Just a couple of days ago we got a cute fresh poster, and now arrived in time a new poster is also very comfortable, with garlands… and no matter what the heroine in this huge kitchen knife in his hand.

By the way, judging by the trailer, the robbers broke into the house of the Lerners, not be good for much. Looks like 12-year-old ears had a crush on his babysitter and is willing even to self-mutilation to impress her. With his friend he declares the alleged intruder guys a real war, and from that moment everything starts great to resemble “home Alone” including direct quotes. Well, why not? Looking at the picture of Chris Kalambus older eyes, I find myself thinking that the small Macaulay Culkin creates a fierce gesture, and the poor fellow-burglar had to break their limbs and brains smeared on the walls after these lovely fun. By the way, because there is a “home Alone” with blood! It’s just a series of cool VIDOS, while the creators of “Look around” offer us a feature film in a similar spirit.

The main castes of the picture are Olivia DeJong (“Visit”), Dacre Montgomery (power Rangers), Patrick Warburton (“Claudia, come on!”) and Virginia Madsen (“Candyman”).

Premiere of “Look around” in American cinema and services VOD is scheduled for October 6, 2017.

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