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Hollywood writers are ready to disrupt the continuation of the TV series “the Walking dead” and “American horror story”

The writers Guild is blackmailing a Studio strike that threatened to arrange, starting from 2 may 2017. The price is $ 350 million.

Why may 2nd? Because 1 may – workers day. If anything, about the failure of some shows – it is not an exaggeration and is in no way a joke. When it comes to such money – what could be fun? Especially because of the Hollywood writers arrange such not the first time.

In 2007, the Guild has already arranged a similar campaign that led to the closure of the TV series “Heroes”, “Jericho” and “the Chronicles of Sarah Connor” (as well as billions in losses for the studios). This time it is assumed that due to the strike may be postponed the release of new seasons of such series as “the Walking dead” and “American horror story”. Definitely in no way hurt the series, scripts which are already finished: “Very strange things”, “Game of thrones”, “American gods” and “twin Peaks”. But the number of projects that have recently been announced (for example, dark fantasy “the Chronicles of the Black squad”) can be at risk.

The essence of the conflict that the writers Guild and studios can’t agree on the terms of a new three-year contract. The writers want to get 530 million dollars, while the studios agreed to pay only 180 “millions”.

I think the writers of the modern Hollywood series deserve good money – unlike many who write for a Blizzard full length movie. Largely because there is and their merit is an incredible breakthrough that has happened on TV over the past ten years. But the majority of Russian writers, I think, no need to pay at all. “Viking”, “the Defenders” – so impotent product of the authors to fine followed.

What do you think – how important to modern film and TV the role of the script?

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