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Hollywood vitamins proved to be harmful to the body

Голливудские витамины оказались вредными для организма A famous actress was accused of selling dangerous drugs.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) has long been known for relentless struggle for a healthy lifestyle. 46-year-old actress eats right, wears clothes made only from natural fabrics and tries to surround himself with an environmentally clean items.

Recipes for the good life and beauty secrets Gwyneth shares on her website Goop. At first glance, this seems a good and useful idea, but not so simple. On the website constantly publish articles about untested methods that can be harmful to your health: recipes, alternative medicine, shamanic techniques and chakra healing instead of going to the doctors.

Last year, the actress, in addition to the website, started my own magazine but after two issues of publisher Condé Nast refused to cooperate with Paltrow, the magazine is useless and unscientific. For example, she was advised to drink raw goat’s milk to cleanse the body, to abandon Wi-Fi and bras, steamed vagina, buy the spray from energy vampires and enter inside the jade eggs, “increased female sexual energy”.

In September the website Gwyneth sued for advertising those jade eggs. Buyers have stated that it is not felt any positive changes from this product. Goop failed to agree on a pretrial decision. They promised to pay defrauded purchasers $145 000.

In October it became known that against the site is preparing a new lawsuit. British organization promoting research, said that the Supplement for pregnant The Mother Load that is advertised on the website threat. It has too much vitamin A. studies by the world health organization showed that vitamin A supplementation during pregnancy does not bring any benefit. But its overdose can lead to fetal malformations.

Representatives of the site said that warn women about the danger of overdose, so their product is absolutely safe if pregnant will not eat too many foods containing vitamin A. for Example carrots.

In turn, physicians are reminded that vitamin supplements, like all products of Goop is not approved by the National health service in the UK or who. Their website is broke 113 British law.

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