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Hollywood smile: how to whiten teeth at home

Голливудская улыбка: как отбелить зубы в домашних условияхNamed products that whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures in dental clinics worldwide.

It is not surprising! It is proved, for example, that beautiful smile 28% increases the chances of getting a promotion at work.

And, according to American researchers, it is 58% of men aged 22 to 45 years estimated in the first place and then look in the eye and move the sight on his chest. Explain what the products are and why will help keep the enamel spotless, removes plaque, and at the same time and will give confidence. Needless to say that the complete oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist in this case has not been canceled?

Solid products have an abrasive property that helps to remove the stains from the enamel and, thus, to create the white effect. This natural gentle and quick cleaning. This, in turn, on raw apples, celery and carrots. Products close to the ideal — they have few calories, plenty of nutrients, they provide massage the gums, which contributes to better blood circulation and maintain tissue health the oral cavity. In addition, this crispy trio helps increase the production of saliva is important for preventing tooth decay.

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The Council is not in season, but remember its still worth it. Favorite garden berries — a great ally in the struggle for the perfect smile. The reason is the high content of natural sweetener xylitol, which, unlike traditional sugar, the teeth do not hurt, but on the contrary, destroys bacteria, forming nasty plaque. In addition, it helps the remineralization process of the tissues, maintains optimal pH and prevents wear and tear of the enamel — the teeth look “cleaner”.

All citrus fruits — lemon, pomelo, Mandarin, orange and joined them, leaving citrus pineapple — contribute to the abundant production of saliva, due to which the teeth are supplied with calcium, phosphorus and other minerals that improve its resistance to caries. Just remember that everything is good in moderation — excess acid, however, can lead to thinning of the enamel.

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Ginger root has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which are very important for people suffering from periodontitis. The healing of the gums and helps wounds more carefully to care for the oral cavity and teeth, for example, choose a soft brush, and medium hardness.

Spicy Italian herb — known natural antibiotic. Basil has a phenomenal ability to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and prevent their destructive proliferation in the enamel. Safely add fragrant leaves in a salad and smile often.

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