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“HOG” eating people as a whole (TRAILER)

It’s huge, bloodthirsty and indomitable. Don’t get in his way will be trampled. However, if you noticed, the chances of survival are still almost there.

However, this attempt to survive, will the heroes of animal horror “wild Boar”:

In the Australian Outback there is a legend about a murderous wild boar epic proportions. It is believed that it is only the fantasy of the local drunks, but is it really? Some young people staged a picnic at cool river, very soon will find out… in the struggle for life and death.

Director Chris San (“Daddy’s little girl”) promised to release “wild Boar” in 2016, then in 2017 ohms, but the project was not proceeding as quickly as we would like. Well, let’s hope this year he will succeed, the benefit is published theatrical trailer, and therefore, it is planned to release on the big screen.

In the caste of the film was lit bill Moseley (“the devil’s rejects”), John Garret (“pitfall”), Nathan Jones (“Mad Max: fury Road”) and Roger ward (“Mad Max”).

Premiere at home, in Australia, to be held on 31 October 2018. On world hire.

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