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Hockey: “Kremenchuk” compares the score in the final series against “Donbass”

Хоккей: «Кременчук» сравнивает счет в финальной серии против «Донбасса»The winner of the regular season, “Kremenchuk” not allowed “Donbass” to break away in the final of the Ukrainian hockey League.

“Kremenchuk” efforts Vitali Kirshenkov already in the fifth minute opened the scoring, but the hosts lead lasted just 83 seconds. Dmitry Nimenko through the mistake of the goalkeeper Eduard Zakharchenko scored the equalizing goal.

In the second period already “Donbass” efforts of Konstantin butsenko came forward, but “Kremenchuk” 10 minutes later restored parity, Illya, he found at the patch of maxima Hearing, and he sent the puck on purpose.

Despite the loss of two key players, “Kremenchuk” was close to victory in regulation time. Yuri Petrakovskii put the hosts ahead, but five minutes before the final buzzer Viktor Zakharov equalized numbers on the scoreboard.

Overtime lasted a little more than 12 minutes – the author of the winning throw was the George Kitsch, who was assisted by Petrashevsky.

The third match of the final series will be held March 31 in Druzhkivka at the home arena of “Donbass”.

HC Kremenchuk — Donbass 4:3(1:1, 1:1, 1:1, 1:0), the account in a series 1:1

Washers: 04:31 Kirshenkov (Covalent) — 1:0; 05:54 Nimenko (Zakharov, Kugut) — 1:1; 22:14 butsenko (Pobedonostsev, the pews — most) — 1:2; 33:58 Slysh (Korenchuk, Kuzmik) — 2:2; 52:58 Petrashevski (Kitsch) — 3:2; 55:08 Zakharov (Kochetkov, Egorov) — 3:3; 72:18 Quiche (Gnidenko, Pstragowski) — 4:3

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