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Hochma of the day: Russia has arrested the violent and drunk “Lenin”

Хохма дня: в России арестовали буйного и пьяного "Ленина"“Lenin” amused the residents of Novotroitsk.

In the city of Novotroitsk of the Orenburg region of the Russian Federation, the police arrested the man in the image of Vladimir Lenin.

Tipsy “leader” demanded that the police find the lost keys. While swearing and threatened to send everyone to Solovki.

“Why are you, BL@rd, subotnick Communist was not? It is necessary to work, you bum,” shouted a detainee of police officer. “Don’t want to relax? I have a friend, Koba. Joseph. The southern coast of the White Sea. Ecology, romance. Rest. A cot for free, the soup too. What do you want?”.

The police removed the newly minted leader of the Revolution bursting into laughter and made a remark about to pronounce the letter “R”.

“Guys, come on, you have your job, I have my own. I’m actually a civil engineer, a pigsty that’s not far, I have built,” said the man, and asked him to go home.

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