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Ho. Ho. Ho – DVD as a gift for Christmas hoot!

In the West these days celebrate Christmas, and there already and New year is around the corner. And that’s why our new contest fun review dedicated to the new year holidays, and as a prize to the most cheerful and resourceful commentator – license DVD with a Christmas slasher “Black Christmas” (Black Christmas, 2006). But first, as usual, to summarize the previous contest.

And last time, recall that we promised to give the book “Living zombies” those of you, who will come up with the best caption to a photo from the filming of the series “Mr. Mercedes”. In the frame there proved to be none other than the famous writer Stephen king, and the king we love. So the comments we received much more than 170. That’s just the fight for the victory somehow failed – and by voting in our Vkontakte, and the results of internal voting edition – no options was recognized as the best next option:

And the winner is the veteran (and the winner) of our contests, the occupant memory Immortal with this year 🙂

In the topic:

Do you recognize what horror film this Santa Claus/Santa Claus?

And now – a new photo for a new contest. The rules you already know: you have to think of something funny as a caption to this picture. Recall that one can offer one version of the signature to a photo. And the number of comments from one of the participants is not limited. Go for it!

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