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“Hitler youth” in Moscow there is a new kind of haircut

“Гитлерюгенд”: в Москве появился новый вид стрижкиIn the network of the hype around the proposal to Russia to do a kids haircut Hitler.

Barber in Moscow, offered a children’s haircut, called “Hitler youth.”

“These are haircuts for boys offers a children’s hair salon “Voobrazila” in mega Mall (shopping center “MEGA Teply Stan” in Moscow. – ed.). Here you can go mow the child and explain to him about the haircut. I maybe do not understand?” – she writes.

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“Catalogue of haircuts for boys on Saturday were at the Desk Barber shop. I was flipping through,” added Makarov.

In turn, visit a Barber shop in Instagram appeared the following message: “due To recent media information about the name of the haircut in the printed catalogue of our salons want to say that the use of this name was inappropriate and unacceptable. We sincerely apologize. All directories were already removed from the studios and disposed of. On this fact conducted an internal review”.

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