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Hit as an adult: freimuth said the babysitter had hurt her son

Ударила как взрослого: Фреймут рассказала, как няня обижала ее сынаAs the leading, she noticed that the son was shy, and then found shocking footage on the video.

The headmaster lady of the draft of the New channel “From Tomboy to lady” Olga freimuth on his page on Instagram said about the nanny of his son Valery.

According to the presenter, the boy recently started crying at night, run away from the nurse to promise that will bite her. Later Fremuth saw on the surveillance cameras installed in the house, as this nurse allegedly gave the child a slap in the face.

“Given lapasa. Yak dorosoma, — napisali Freimut. — Wherein said scho TSE — blood, Bo dytyna I tasted. Valery raspletanie pereputav: “Blood?” Scho? Chomu? Yak? I Inca orremoval sedro salary — two dni – work — strike my mom sharable Whitelaw for misyats. I robila order . docs. Turbuhalera, juicy kaduwela, won koristuvacha the hotel direct Voda. For comfort Nan was Viminale zatishna apartment. Mariya always seemed to scho ready: “meni hands pastelito”. I write this post — I’m crying! Dorog farther, be poruch z dainow, priluchalisya, predisease, sluhay heart. To others writi’t possible. The I shte, if to you at the robot to prosititutes nanny Mariya Senator since Lucica, Zadajte my story”.

Under the post TV presenter turned a fairly extensive discussion about who is to blame in this situation: there were those who feel the charge in the direction of nanny unfounded and are of the opinion that until clear evidence, we should not vilify the person in social networks, others think to entrust their child to a stranger is a big mistake Freimut, and others – that the act of a nanny – beyond good and evil.

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