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At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Russia has in some respects stood on a par with the leading European powers, and something behind and that led to its transformation into the Soviet Union. Russia was on the same industrial level with England, France and Germany to the extent where she needed that. We should not forget that the Russian population was 94%% of agrarian, peasant that is due to centuries-old traditions, the vastness and fertility of the Russian lands.

Russian backwardness was the autocracy, the absence of full civil liberties, corruption and humiliating position of the Jews. This created a tense situation in the society which was slowly resolved by concessions to the government and the gradual elimination of the said drawbacks. As a rule, social tensions are eliminated either by peaceful means through legislative database, or a violent method. To a peaceful path running balanced people with a good education and a strong sense of common sense. To the violent ways of encourage social outcasts, mentally unstable individuals who are unable to live and work in the usual, everyday mode. These people are called revolutionaries. Interestingly, the number thereof affects not only men but also women with sexual disorders. Healthy woman is primarily a mother and needs to think about his offspring so she rarely calls on all to break and destroy. The revolutionaries sometimes transfer their failed motherhood and revenge on society for what it is, society, not given her a suitable husband (a typical revolutionary – “politician” Darya Mitina). Men care revolution is also the “resolution” of the complex of his unworthiness due to the huge social benefits they promise to bring into this world. Very often the revolutionaries (for example, Iosif Dzhugashvili) have become common criminals who, under the mask of the great Perfectors made an ordinary robbery and murder.

Civil liberties were limited in relation to criticism of the existing order but no more. In Russia it was not the ideology in schools and universities taught what they wanted and how they wanted. The borders have been opened for entering and exiting. The revolutionaries used it as wanted, often instead of going to Switzerland , Germany, and England. The Russian security service, the Okhrana, was small and worked half-heartedly confident in the fact that a handful of psychopaths incapable of not what to ruin and even seriously damage Russian spacecraft. And this despite regularly occurring attacks. In justification of this attitude, I must say that in well-fed and self-sufficient Russia, few people listened to the revolutionaries. Moreover, they are supposed to protect the rights of workers and in 1917 was about 700,000 then there is a very small percentage of the population.

It was not until 1914, before the outbreak of the first world war. For Russia it was an unprecedented ordeal which she endured. The war was against German imperialism that is the desire of Germany to enslave other countries including Russia but the Imperial government poorly or not at all did not conduct explanatory work with the soldiers who were 90%% of peasant origin. For the illiterate peasant war in the distant to the edge of the incomprehensible, he did not know that in case of defeat a significant portion of its crop collected somewhere in the friend instead of the Penza province will go to Germany. This advantage of the Bolsheviks, the most rabid and aggressive group of revolutionaries. A feature of the first world war was that for the first time in the history of mankind, a weapon of protection (primarily machine guns) proved to be stronger than assault weapons. If this is a moment to think it becomes clear that with these new weapons the attacker always loses. One way out: to sit in the trenches and wait for you to attack. The war turned into a seat in the trenches, in the so-called trench warfare. This is a very difficult test – a month to sit in the trenches with the full neizvestnosti how long it will last, and knowing that in his native village is in disrepair your junk. The war goes on the nerves.

For rabid Bolsheviks the main thing was to fall greedily to power. How many people die at the same time they didn’t care. In fact, most of these people they hated for what they are, these people do not run to them and not give them the reins, don’t call them geniuses and saviors. The Bolsheviks decided to organize the failure of the first Russian world, and this applied to the German government with the request to help them. First the German government was skeptical, as it was hard to believe that the Bolsheviks will be able to arrange a mass betrayal. But as trench warfare came to a standstill, and the Bolshevik idea was worth a penny compared to military costs, the Germans began systematically to give the money to the Bolsheviks through an agent of Israel (this name, such country was not yet) Gelfand, and personally Ulyanov through the Estonian Keskula. The Bolsheviks leaflets were printed and spread through their agents in the military units but before the February revolution it was sluggish. Had great faith in the kings, the foundations, was discipline.

Feeling the rise the collapse of the Russian Empire frantically reformed. In early 1917, both capitals began the shortages of bread. Went on strike the workers, the strike resulted in mass demonstrations which the army has refused to disperse or suppress. The unrest culminated in the February revolution (1917), she put an end to the autocracy. A centuries-old way Russia broke down under the weight of war. Now, in hindsight, it is easy to say that Russian had another six months to survive but nobody knew at the time. The freedom has come at a critical shortage of food and terrible war. The February revolution was a blow to the army of the so-called order number 1 who destroyed the officer ranks, and made the call all.

At this time, Ulyanov was in Switzerland. When the Germans realized what a destructive bomb, they sent him to Russia in a special sealed train to, God forbid, it is not dropped and not caught somewhere on the way. Ilyich arrived safely and exploded worse than the worst of fusion. Ideological pollution, unlike radiation, is transmitted from person to person, from generation to generation, and still smolders in the minds of millions of our fellow citizens.

There were many positive moments after the February revolution. There was freedom of speech and press. When ultraslimbay power. The time was so dangerous that no one dared to take power into their own hands with a clear agenda and popular support. Except for the Bolsheviks who it was negotiated with the Germans. The program is a very specific kickbacks of the Germans plus the use to conduct a curious experiment to test Ulyanovsk fantasies. Popular support was ensured through continuous lies. The people then were simple not now. Promise what they want and they believed. Peace without annexations and indemnities? Easily! Earth – the peasants? Take who you need. For workers – 8 hour work days with pay which will be called. And so on.

Ulyanovsk nonsense was the fact that everyone in the state is required to consume the same amount of wealth. Typically, the amount of benefits which can consume people depend on the money so to achieve this equality must prohibit any method by which people can enrich themselves. In the Ulyanovsk state quantity Mat. the benefits which man receives not depends on how and where people work. The entire population of the country is pseudoeme where “brother” can not be indifferent to the scourge of “brother” and should share what he has. That is, introduced some sort of giant herds where people had to follow each other to the Mat. the benefits were distributed evenly. Ulyanovsk logic assumed that all men are Holy who want to work at the limit of strength with the minimum of consumption, and the fruit of their own hands willing to give first if he asked. Such a system Ulyanov called communism which he promised to all when all saturated with the spirit of communism. Ulyanov was obsessed with working so he postulated that guide the building of communism belongs to the workers.

Practically, the idea of communism failed and has never worked. It is contrary to human nature because each person thinks first about themselves, about how to earn more and not about how to give earnings to someone else. People customize their willingness and ability according to the desires and capabilities of other people and so the economy.

Socialism proved to be the most vile system which you can imagine. People by nature like to get as much as possible but could not earn in a traditional way that is through hard work, ingenuity or industriousness. On the contrary, no one wanted to shred, it worked somehow, and at a minimum. There was, however, the equivalent of rich people who have been through the system of state hypocrisy and lies enough the best of what was carefully concealed. Also, socialism was an ideology, that is, such a doctrine whose adherents are intolerant to whatever people, countries and communities if they do not practice socialism.

Bolshevik agitation to surrender to the Germans gaining momentum because they are now almost nobody resisted.
Bolshevist agents assured the soldiers that the German soldiers they are not enemies and encouraged to desert. The peasant soldiers confusion in the minds of growing like a snowball. Because the officers kept the soldiers at a distance, and treated them with some disdain, the Bolsheviks managed to sow confusion turned into mass desertion. German troops were aware of this operation and otherwise went toward “fraternization” with the Russian soldier. Trained the Germans were to the Russians with white flags, sausage, schnapps and cigarettes. After that immediately followed the German attack is highly successful because the Russian soldiers were busy with the rallies for immediate peace, and just couldn’t believe what good the Germans attack after fraternizing (about as Dzhugashvili could not believe the June 22, 1941. after many years of kissing with the Nazis). As one German officer to his wife, “the Russians, it appears, gullible muddle and easily for such tricks which are unthinkable to our Western front.” The front fell.

25 October 1917 there was organized by the Germans of the Bolshevik seizure of power. It was a close analogue of the emergency Committee but then few in this notice. Innocent were the people, simple. It’s in the 91st hundreds of thousands poured into the streets, knew what was coming. And then it was just some kind of a party, accidentally grabbing power, probably not for long. The war with the Germans was temporarily suspended. As was intended, the Germans demanded from the Russians to plead guilty in the outbreak of war, rejection of all the Western territories and the payment of large reparations in gold. A few months the Bolsheviks coben and was out of it, hoping for the German proletarian revolution but that did not happen. The patience of the Germans was exhausted, and they resumed hostilities. Only took three days of a new war the Russians admitted all the German terms of surrender. February 23, 1918 the best part of the contraption of the red army fled from the German offensive, and it was decided to surrender. This day the shameful birth of the red army is considered in Russia a holiday and to remind the men how to fight.


Russian pleaded fully guilty and began to pay indemnity. Six months later, the Germans surrendered to the Western allies and the Bolsheviks immediately quashed the decisions of the peace Treaty. Germany ordered to pay reparations military Alliance of the allies with whom she fought (Britain, France plus eliminated Russia) but Russia was de facto excluded as betrayed its Western allies.

For the first time after Rurik in Russia came a time when an unprecedented number of Russians took part in the choice of method and individuals to manage their government. For this purpose was convened by the special Constituent Assembly. It was already after the October revolution, but people still thought that now, after the February revolution, it will be possible to choose the national government by democratic means. As it is not so. Not for the Germans Ulyanov was hired.
The Bolsheviks were sent to disperse a detachment of sailors with commander Zheleznyak, who said the audience “to Disperse, the guard is tired”. Since then, the rudeness has become a hallmark of the Soviet regime.


Russia plunged into the ocean of chaos. The official government – the Bolsheviks declared the great redistribution of property, blessed any scum to get myself a gun and take what he wants. It is sad but there were a great many. The more people killed the more satisfied was Ulyanov. He scribbled decree after decree, one another silly. Ulyanov has surrounded himself with people who who who secretly and openly hate is Russian. For example, the pole Dzerzhinsky, even before the revolution, who wrote “how I wish to have a cap of invisibility to kill as many Russians as possible” turned out to be the right hand of Ulyanov. About the Jews and say nothing, because of their humiliating former position in the revolution was definitely a moment it is the Russian-Jewish labor, with the subsequent victory and revenge.

Through the crisis of having a Jewish population took place in many European countries and everywhere it has been addressed in different ways. Spain expelled them in 1492. England expelled them, too, but then I changed my mind and called back. Since then, Jews have lived in England in complete harmony with local because according to Churchill, “we do not believe that the Jews are somehow better than us.” In Germany, the question decided… uh-uh… ugly way. But what about Russia? Russia has chosen its own special approach and that is listened to the most vile scum ever produced by the Jewish people. The participation of Jewish revolutionaries in these events is not a basis for anti-Semitism because it is wrong to judge a nation by its base part.

Bolshevik rule was met with resistance among thinking and educated population of Russia (the White movement), and a complex response among the peasantry which constituted the majority of inhabitants of Russia. On the one hand, the infantile, the peasants readily believed that the simple uncle of the people, with revolvers in their hands will be able to quick hand to arrange the Golden peasant life. Such gullibility is rooted in serfdom, in the absence of the peasants self-esteem. In fact, the peasants regarded the Bolsheviks as the new masters of their own lives (blacks and white planters). Skillful rhetoric and lies of the Bolsheviks easily convince the farmer that the new owner better than the previous one especially that the new owner like himself from the people. On the other hand, the Bolsheviks introduced the surplus-that is, forcible seizure of grain from the peasants, legally defined as theft, and this caused a wave of protests. The Bolsheviks always sent soldiers to seize the bread of others in their villages or tried to do it. That is, until the soldier Petrov withdrawn bread from the Ivanov, Ivanov, the red army seized the bread from Petrov. Both the red army were confident that their family intact because of their membership in the SC, when they returned home (if returned) it’s too late they learned that their views on immunity have been greatly exaggerated.

Here we must mention the famous people’s uprising under the leadership of Antonov near Tambov, in the case of organized resistance. The revolt was suppressed by Tukhachevsky using CHEMICAL weapons. In terrible agony died the Russian peasants only because they wanted to live sveoy life in the country of workers and peasants.

White did not want to attract peasants to his side and this ensured their failure. Centuries of class division in Russia destroyed the white matter. On all the many fronts of the civil war the red won.

Giving their country to the Germans and the collapse of the economy, Ulyanov started war communism with the help of dozens of idiotic decrees (enough to read “My Little Leniniana” – look in Yandex). War communism consisted in the fact that the man with the gun got the right to property of a person without a gun while uttering some magic phrase (“steal the loot”, “all power to the Soviets”, “live well, bourgeois”, etc.). This does not contradict the main principle of communism “to each according to his needs, from each according to his ability”. A gun or rifle at that difficult time was the measure of the needs of young Communist, and his ability was to satisfy his needs. The population is so rapidly decreasing in terms of communism that even Ulyanov doubted whether by the country is. The removal of free bread provoked great discontent among the peasants which threatened to sweep away the Communists from dominating heights. As Ulyanov already sat firmly in the seat of power that had nothing to lose by having recourse to the natural form of normal trade that is the NEP. Here are all the novelty and genius of the NEP (new economic policy): anyone can produce and sell their products to whom needs it. In fact, this “new” idea appeared about 50,000 years ago when the first ever APE-man changed stone extra tip to spear a piece of meat is also extra for some lucky hunter. To ul NEP earned had to start production of gold and silver coins. The fact that the peasants refused to sell food for paper, and precious metals believed. In fact, the Communists hated the peasants for what the farmer liked to work on THEIR personal land, for the fact that he had HIS own house, because he wanted to sell the labor of their hands for something substantial, not empty agitation and ideas. Even the immaturity of the Russian peasant caused the Communists irritation, because it was a sign of disloyalty.

Ended the fight with white, the country lay in ruins. What bothers Ulyanov? Right, the world revolution. Must break out right away, and that’s not happening. We ought to encourage it. Ulyanov gives an order to go through Poland to Europe, to take Paris. Commander-in-chief Bronstein suggests that the army is tired, do not want to go Hiking. How to get them to fight? Yes, that’s how. While they go through Poland can and should take away from the enemy-the bourgeoisie all that would look. Floor Polish – Jews, the bulk of the poor but what Jew kicking around 2-3 gold coins (a habit)? Paris is generally a city of millionaires, war is not affected, bourgeois to bourgeois. Sprang red spirit bore the revolution in Europe i.e. and went on a prolonged robbery. England and France, not to mention Poland, they were troubled, they did not want to see Russian revolutionaries practitioners. While theorists they were grazing they were on the drum but the practice is somehow… not to my liking. French General Weygand and the Polish Pilsudski organized a Russian in Poland. Warsaw defeated was the red bandits led by Tukhachevsky and Budyonny. 65000 soldiers were captured, imprisoned in a camp and killed by starvation and typhus as they deserve.

Except for Poland freedom was Finland, and the three small Baltic countries. There military campaigns was not because, first, they had been promised independence, and the Bolsheviks selectively have fulfilled their promises, and secondly, they could be hard to fight (as in Poland), and third, these countries was very poor so the red army-Marxists had nothing to profit.

A the rest of the province and the peoples remained part of the Russian Empire, renamed the USSR.

When the external threat to the Soviet Union has disappeared, and people were allowed freely to do what they previously did (NEP), among the party leadership began bickering that could only have a positive impact on the economy which they are temporarily left alone. The October revolution and the civil war at least half were headed by Leiba Bronstein. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution he has made to the cause of the revolution if it can be called a business. All this time between him and Dzhugashvili was friction on the subject of who is more important and smarter. Ulyanov appreciated Bronstein and during and after the revolution, did not give Dzhugashvili to run him over. In 1924 Ulyanov died from the stench of his own life, the fact that bloat, and from the effects of syphilis. Children he left because I was sterile (like the Marxist doctrine). The heart of Russia – Moscow and heart of Moscow – the Kremlin, the main square of the country – red square. On red square are buried and the main emblems of the country – the Tsar cannon that never shot, and Tsar bell with a broken piece which is never called. In 1924, added another instance of rotten leader Ulyanov. Fell back in his development a couple of years at 4000 years ago, to the ancient Egyptians, the most advanced people on earth worshipped the effigy of a mummy. When I hear from some savvy people that Russia is Europe, I smile and remember about this pathetic, dried-up man who is still at the heart of the country as frozen an inoperable blood clot, forever locked, the movement of blood in the country of Russian.

Personally, I remember an episode from the life of the Ulyanov which I think is necessary and sufficient, as the mathematicians say to have an idea about this man. Everyone remembers from school the poem about my grandfather mazaj and hares. About how in the spring, sailed to cut off the melt water to the island, he found birds, and taking them in his boat, was rescued little furry Robinsons. It turns out that in the same situation he found himself Ulyanov during one of their links. Going on the hunt, Ulyanov landed on this small island, Saw birds, Ulyanov began to run after them killing them on the spot kick butt. Returning from the hunt, this animal was showing off his prey did not ashamed of the murder did nothing to him animals. No, he didn’t do it for food, it was a wild primitive sadism engulfed the great humanist. Thanks Krupskaya, Ulyanov wife, for her meticulous record of this barbarity. It was a terrible fool, the entry in the diary was in a positive way, they say, Volodenka ordinary human joy and excitement.

After the death of Ulyanov there was no one to protect Bronstein from Dzhugashvili and he wove the intrigue for intrigue. Until 1929 they were arguing at the meetings, it was a very long streams of verbiage without any meaning. Bronstein was a master of demagoguery and endless effusions were easily prevailed on Dzhugashvili which in Russian is expressed himself clumsily and the word “love” written without the soft sign, here it is: love. Dzhugashvili knew that opponent is a Marxist can be swayed to his side just holding his testicles not in the figurative but in the literal sense. So while Bronstein was saying as Homer, Dzhugashvili has amassed a team of unprincipled thugs, GPU and later NKVD. Finally Dzhugashvili won Bronstein and in 1929 threw him out of the country. To kill him openly, he could not because Bronstein was a figure too bright at the international level.

After the Bolshevik revolution, according to the laws of biology, the Communists engaged in the immediate renaming of cities, streets, lanes etc of the dog, with his paw marks his new territory. The city with centuries-old heritage and way of life swept aside in the trash its history and took the name of some beggar approved himself with a revolver. Now many cities regained their NATIVE names but a lot and stand with Soviet names, as noted by the Bolsheviks captured.

Removing main rival, Dzhugashvili started to build a socialist society, such as it should be, really. First, crushed all private companies through the wild taxes. It was the end of the NEP. Secondly, crushed all free thought and speech via reprisals against conscientious people think and write about the events as they saw it. Further, it was necessary to establish military production to kill his enemies and to carry siccate to other countries. To do this, was Western technology and local workers. And the country was still agrarian. The only currency that Dzhugashvili had to offer in the West for the machines and technology was a grain of wheat. I had to take it from the peasants. But how? Millions of them, and kazdym master of his grain, his cattle, and so on. Were invented this scheme: peasants rounded up in a kind of herd, collective farms, their cattle and agriculture socialize, and it is the collective as it were, of the state, just sell. In the early thirties was knocked down in the villages and the urban Communists. The gun, a loud voice and audacity – that’s the whole legality of their coming, they told the unfortunate disenfranchised people as they now live. On arrival in the village Commissars find out who are the biggest drunks and loafers, that was the backbone of the future farm Council. This practice has caused a protest among the most industrious and honest farmers. But they were not enough to change the tide of lawlessness back. Immediately it was invented the label “kulak” and “podkolonnik” for the sympathizers. Fists without trial were taken away to Siberia and Northern areas, and threw on new ground, on the bare ground, if the winter in the cold, women, children, the elderly, inclusive. Almost all of them died.

The remaining farmers did farmers, all the cattle and grain state took over.

At the same time was resolute struggle against religion. Churches destroyed, people “proved” (“science has proven…”) that there is no God. Before the revolution, and after faith in God in Russia was weak. This often does not agree with human rights activists, argue that messed up the Communists but it is not. Real believers suffering and dying for their faith, protect it, but the Russian silently looked at how other Russian smashed their temples. For comparison just look at the poles. Before and after joining the Reds their faith was strong, and the number of weekly visited temples (80%%) has not changed. And none of the poles did not want to ruin your Church. Russian to grow and grow.

For another illustration, we must remember the Russian proverb “Not worth the village without the righteous.” This is a very sad diagnosis for the village. First, it begs the idea that if one person is righteous then the rest is corny krivenik, and secondly, the destruction of the village comes down to the eradication of this most righteous man that the Communists did.

In addition to all the troubles in Russia and Ukraine in the early thirties there was a crop failure. To build a military industry, the peasants took away so much bread that they were dying of hunger. Most affected Ukraine where the event is called the Holodomor. In the last two or three years, the President of Ukraine Yushchenko is trying to reach the hearts of their fellow citizens to think about what scale crime was committed. Although he accuses today’s Russia, Russian looking for Yushchenko’s actions extremely hostile. This is because the Russian are accustomed to treat their fallen and died as a kind of ballast on the Soviet habit, and they hate that Ukrainians behave more decently (or trying to) in this complex issue.

Dzhugashvili methodically destroys his recent enemies – the so-called Trotskyists, that is, those who have recently supported Bronstein. In Moscow are examples. Surprisingly, hardened revolutionaries who so bravely sat in London and Switzerland in the beginning of the century, I can assure the judges that they were preparing subversive acts, sabotage and poisoning of Soviet citizens. And it’s only after a couple months without sleep and under the blows of the rubber truncheon in the kidneys. More “investigators” put out of their butts, urinated in their face, told them that his wife refused them that their children will go to the children’s home, etc.

Also there are processes against the engineers. In the USSR, a country where all were equal, the state continually up and egg each other new classes. The most faithful workers, then came the farmers (peasants were destroyed), then the drivers employees. There was a big bradby class engineers and scientists. This press was regularly reminded that they are freeloaders and parasites. In the 30th even had to spend a few show trials with executions of engineers. Soviet people (and the other was not) art was a nice party lackeys because they’re using “art” told people what it is, a party, good. Those who wrote about something else had to be sent to Siberia at one end.

To the editors of Newspapers, magazines, writers, filmmakers, artists, broadcasters were encouraged to mention comrade Dzhugashvili in all his works, preferably in a positive way. Those nincompoops who didn’t understand bold hint disappeared. In a very short period of time (from 1933 to 1937) suddenly it became clear that comrade Dzhugashvili makes kollosalny personal contribution to the milking cows, the production of steel, the destruction of harmful parasites in the fields, chess strategy, the progress of all Sciences, writing and so on., that is flourished what was later called the cult of personality. And people believed it to be so. The mechanism of this stupefaction of the nation remained unsolved in essence, although this phenomenon is regularly repeated in the world on a small scale, usually at the level of religious sects. Sect comrade Dzhugashvili has spread one-sixth part of the globe.

In schools and kindergartens children were continuously drugged the porridge: Dzhugashvili = birthplace = the Communist party. In each kindergarten hung a huge poster “Thank you, comrade Dzhugashvili, for our happy childhood”. A child’s brain is very receptive, he absorbed the mess, and the concept of Dzhugashvili, the Motherland and the Communist party had indeed become indistinguishable.

Also, the country has injected an atmosphere of fear and continuous surveillance for each other. While smart people are feared and shunned celebrating birthdays as their so and friends. And here’s why. At a birthday party, people usually drink and I say what I think inadvertently. Here, we assume, had one friend and said “What is it to us to the farm kerosene did not bring in this quarter? That’s how the Soviet government takes care of us”. He committed a terrible crime. All who heard should immediately inform the. Not said – then you’re an accomplice! Usually the NKVD released first reported, and others, both guests and host, were sent to the death camps of which went 7-8% to get there. Throughout the Soviet Union existed a vast network of camps where hunger, climate, physical labor, and the weapon killed not only all any dissent against the Soviet regime, but simply to careless people, where something said, or caught in a bad place at a bad time, or wearing a “bad” name, well, or finally arrested just to plan spousename top (“arrest of 460 pests, 70 shot”). All relatives of the arrested was the stigma of the leper. A hastily refused (?!) from their parents because of all the difficulties connected with this stigma but it did not always work.

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