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Historical mysteries, still causing the issues. Photo

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. ФотоNamed 7 historical mysteries, which are all still scratching their heads.

History has given us many mysteries, and now thanks to modern technology and the level of knowledge of many successfully solved and explained. But there are artifacts that remain unsolved scientific puzzles.

We decided to describe some mysterious finds, from the discovery causing a huge number of questions. And yet modern science to answer them. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The pyramid in Antarctica

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

A mysterious pyramid was discovered in Antarctica by Google Earth. For the first time about the pyramids at the South pole started talking after one of them was found by the researchers of the British Antarctic expedition 1910-1913 years. Since then, scientists around the world argue that it is: a perfect mountain-nunataki or traces of an ancient civilization. In fact, according to scientists, some 100 million years ago, Antarctica was covered with forests similar to tropical.

The Phaistos disk

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

During the excavation of the Cretan Palace of Phaistos in 1908 the cache was discovered the disk, and this finding immediately caught the attention of scientists from different countries. This is the first in the history of mankind surviving the Etruscans printed text. Unique writing on the disc is completely different from the one that existed on Crete in 1600 BC, when it was allegedly made. Disputes explorers of the infinite: some believe that the artifact was brought to the island, others created there. Others see him as a cipher, a fourth generally believe that it is not the language. Scientists are still enthusiastically working on the mystery disk, calling it the most wonderful and mysterious monument of the Ancient Mediterranean.

Cryptograms Bale

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

About these cryptograms first began in 1865. It then came information about the treasure of $ 30 million (by modern standards), which buried the gold under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson bale. The place was not encrypted three messages that become available through the brochure of an unknown author. It tells the story quite plausible, the history of ciphers. Fine antique hoax or real coordinates — argue about it until now. However, the key still not found any well-known specialists, no ordinary treasure hunters. By the way, to try their hand at decoding any — the network is available with all the three code sheet. And the original booklet is still kept in the Library of Congress.

The Roman dodecahedrons

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

These small gizmos in size from 4 to 11 cm dated, as a rule, the II–III century ad they Look similar — 12 flat pentagonal faces and holes that vary in diameter. About a hundred of these dodecahedrons made of bronze, stone, iron and even gold were discovered by archaeologists in many countries, but mainly in the historical territory of the Roman Empire. With each one put forward a new hypothesis on what it could be. Assumptions varied: dice, candle holders, a device for divination, jewelry, tool to calibrate water pipes and even the pig to knit gloves for different finger sizes. Most interesting is that meticulous the Romans in manuscripts left no mention of these figures.

The map of Piri-Reis.

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

How could on the world map, created in 1513, to be Antarctica, which was officially opened only in 1820? This amazing fact and unusual for that time, the accuracy of the map tormented researchers for decades. After studying the artifact, one of the scientists even stated that the only way to create a map of such precision — aerial photo. It is not known what mysterious sources used card Creator — the famous Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. He is in the records indicated that he compiled and copied the data from a large number of other cards, including vintage. But the fact remains: the map of Admiral the researchers saw the outlines of Antarctica without ice cover. As it could only be long before our era.

Drive Sabu

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

Found by archaeologists in 1936 in Egypt, the disc from the date of detection creates a bunch of assumptions that lead to more questions. What could be used 70-cm stone plate, created around 3000 BC? If it’s cookware, it is extremely uncomfortable. Wheel Pavlos later half of the Millennium. The disk resembles a piece of modern devices for chemical processes, but then where’s the corrosion? Propeller, or a part of the generator it may not be due to technical development, although it is really like. In short, there is still no any reasoned version.

The Nazca Lines

Исторические загадки, до сих пор вызывающие вопросы. Фото

The giant picture on the Nazca lines in Peru were discovered in the early twentieth century from the aircraft, although the sources of the XVI century already mentioned great road of the Incas with visible sand marks. About 30 mysterious drawings on the surface of the Earth clearly visible still thanks to the climate of semi-deserts. Who, when, why and what created them is the real mystery. The only thing scientists agree — they appeared long before, when the valley came the Incas.

Lizard in 188 meters, 50-meter Hummingbird and a bunch of mysterious symbols each formed by one continuous line. Mysterious signs can be seen from a bird’s flight or after looking at Google Earth at the coordinates 14°41’18.0″S 75°07’22.0″W.

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