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Historical accounting

President Putin signed a law that changed the date of the end of World war II. Now a day the end of the war in Russia will be 2nd and 3rd of September 1945.

In this regard, much has been said and written. And on the actual side of things: the surrender of Japan took place on September 2 and 3rd just absolutely nothing. And on the moral and ethical side why this shift to the 3rd number — the date the memory of the Beslan tragedy. These arguments predictably didn’t work, and it has become clear that the initiative for transfer came not from the Duma. It is clear and not surprising.

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Surprisingly another. Transferred is not a day of celebration, and the date itself the end of the Second World war. That is, in our eyes, refashioned the story. You can change the date of Gagarin’s flight, the date of the discovery of America, the date of the battle of Kulikovo. Still for reasons of political expediency-revised historical interpretation and evaluation. Now moved to the generally accepted facts of world history. That is, we change history to your liking. We’re clearing history as accountant quarterly report.

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