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Hisense ECOLife will retain the beauty and health

In the capital came to the cold, and this means that not only the time of pull out cabinets warm things, but also to take care of their skin. Did you know that in the winter the humidity in apartments may drop to 20%, which is even lower than in the desert! It therefore starts to crack the skin, and due to dry mucous membranes, we are much more likely to get sick. Another problem that have to constantly face the modern inhabitants – the purity of the air. You’ll be surprised, but in the apartments it is much dirtier than on the street, because there are added microscopic mites, particles of dead skin, dust from carpets and bedding, pet hair and much more that useful for breathing call.

Of course, you can constantly lubricate the skin with moisturizer, wear a filter mask and do daily wet cleaning, but much easier and more efficient to use modern HVAC devices such as Hisense ECOLife. Unlike the classic washes the air, this instrument performs the whole complex of actions: removes odors and smoke, cleans the air from dust and microorganisms, delaying pollen and other allergens, produces hydration and ionization.

On sale are two versions of the device: White and Champagne Brilliant Brilliant. The differences between them lie not only in color, but used ionizers. In the first case is a classic system for generating ions, and the second new release from Panasonic – particles nonoe. Here the ions are enveloped by water molecules, which significantly increases the time of their lives. This allows nanoe spread throughout the room and penetrate into the most inaccessible places, there destroying microorganisms and mold. In addition, particles provide additional moisture. According to the manufacturer, hours the climatic complex is enough to destroy 99% of all bacteria in a small room, and if you leave the device for a day, then completely stop mold growth.

Most of the analogues have the ECOLife plain design, more like a white plastic box from the element interior. In Hisense has devoted considerable attention to the appearance of the device: here implemented a combination of futuristic shapes and lines that flow into each other. Plastic case is covered with glossy gold paint, some of the elements silver. On the top bar oval located touch keys and openings for air outlet. He tightened through the grille located on the rear wall by means located in the casing. The dimensions of the device 433x638x312 mm, weight 10.5 kg. For convenience, the lower part has wheels and the top is a handle for carrying.

Before using, you should release the packaging material from the filters and install them into the device. The first path of the air mass is plastic mesh strainer that holds the pet hair, fluff and other large debris. Monthly, you should rinse it under running water.

Next is the filter, made from corrugated fibrous material. Here captured almost all impurities, including not only dust, but also organic. Used HEPA filter traps approximately 99.95% of particles larger than 0.06 microns. The manufacturer recommends replacing it once a year. Behind him is-carbon ceramic filter which removes odors and harmful compounds formaldehyde. It will last up to three years.

After purification, the air is humidified, while passing through the rotating disc consisting of an innovative material Fibra CHM, which is constantly wetted by water from the tray. To moisture there is a constant must every 6 hours to fill with a special detachable water tank volume of 2l. this scheme of work will never make the air supersaturated with moisture: more water than you need, it simply will not carry. Here comes the final clean-up: pollution, which, for some reason, managed to pass the filter, precipitate with water, so the module is once a month rinse in water, and during storage, water should be drained.

At the final stage, to the air-water mixture is added to the ions (or particles nanoe), after which the flow exits the top of the device and extends around the room. Per hour ECOLife is able to cleanse and moisturize about 380 cubic metres of air, at a cost of about 48 watts of power. Such a performance is sufficient for apartment with an area of 50 sq. m.

To control the device using the remote control or the touch keys on the cleaner. The moisture content of the microparticles in the air can be determined using a small screen. In addition, the illumination device changes color depending on air pollution: from red to green.

ECOLife can be run in five modes:

– “Smart” – the most convenient mode in which the instrument itself will monitor the sensors, adjusting the speed of cleaning.
– “Dedust” mode that is optimized for removal of dust, and one of the four rotation speeds of the fans will have to choose manually.
– “De-odor” mode that is optimized for purification from smoke, the speed is also set manually.
– “Quiet” mode, which is recommended to include during the holidays, as produced during its operation noise (23 dB) almost indistinguishable man.

– “Sleep” – works the same as the previous one, only here in 10 will turn off all lights that do not distract.

The device is a function of, when a few minutes after interacting with him, all the panel buttons are locked. Unfortunately, to disable it, so you have to either use a remote, either for a few seconds, hold down unlock. The user can activate and deactivate moisturizing and ionizing modules, and set the timer enable or disable.

I use ECOLife exclusively in the Smart mode. When enabled, there is an analysis of ambient air quality, and then a few minutes the complex operates at full capacity, while the number of the particles are green. Then the fans go into silent mode. Remain heard only a quiet hum from the ionizer, flowing from the tank to the sump water and the quiet rustle of the outflowing air. Humidity indoors is up to 65%, and the content of the foreign particles becomes less than 10 000 in 1 cubic meter Facing the air seems fresh and pleasant to breathe. However, the room still need time to ventilate for oxygen.

Daily application of the climatic complex for 4 hours, helped to solve the problem with rassyhayutsya furniture and peeling of the skin, besides being at home, I no longer suffer from allergies to house dust. The device will be useful to fans to smoke in the apartment – for a couple of minutes ECOLife fully cleanse the room from the effects of Smoking or evaporation. Unfortunately, the device does not give the possibility to regulate the temperature of the effluent, so warm in the cold and he can’t.

Hisense ECOLife is a great climate you can make the air not just humid and clean, and just useful, preserving your beauty and health: skin will become more elastic, and the microbes will either remain in the filter, or be destroyed by nanoe particles. The device will be a real salvation for Allergy sufferers, allowing you to breathe and the odors and cigarette smoke ever leave your apartment. ECOLife looks great and is sane money. This is the device that will help make life in his own apartment more comfortable.

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