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Hilary Duff shocked appearance

Хилари Дафф шокировала внешним видомPhotographers have caught Hilary Duff during a walk in Los Angeles. The actress surprised fans with his appearance.

Celebrities are accustomed to see in full dress in beautiful clothes, stylish hair, and makeup.

However, stars are people too, and sometimes they allow themselves to break from the stage, putting on your favorite jeans, and her hair tied in a sloppy bun. Especially if we are talking about the gym, which is not particularly dress up. So did Hilary Duff, who left the gym in a careless way.

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So, through the streets of Los Angeles, the actress was walking around in colored tights, sneakers and a sweatshirt, over which wore a leather jacket. Without make-up and hairstyles, Hilary, it seems, felt quite comfortable.

However, its external appearance does not go unnoticed, because the photographers managed to take several shots walking Duff. After photos leak online, many Internet users began to condemn the celebrity for her unkempt appearance. However, there were also those who defended the actress, stating that it is in any case gorgeous.

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Хилари Дафф шокировала внешним видом
Хилари Дафф шокировала внешним видом
Хилари Дафф шокировала внешним видом

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