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Hilarious video of “PrivatBank” has undermined Network

Веселый ролик «Приватбанка» подорвал СетьMarketers have a funny way to attract attention.

Ukrainian nationalized Bank published with talent and soul filmed a video in which actress Anna Levchenko, known for the dubbing of “the Simpsons,” talks about all the fabulous prospects that are waiting for who wants to become a javascript developer companies.

“PrivatBank”, the Bank is looking for a javascript developer, and it is so fun and funny that even the fact that it is deliberately viral promotional video, will not spoil the viewing experience.

A movie made in a classic style official addresses of companies from 1980 to 1990.

Anna Levchenko played the speaker, who read requirements to the applicant and lists all the advantages of a Bank, luring, thus young programmers to their side.

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