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Hilarious: Russia staged a fashion show straitjackets

Умора: в России устроили модный показ смирительных рубашекDesigners decided not to restrain imagination.

In Tomsk at the festival of young art presented a collection of straitjackets. According to local TV channel “TV2”, the clothes were created under sketches of artist Alexander Kolpakov and designer of Lolita. In the collection of the art of Sleep-Sleep 12 models under the conditional name “the Hands turn… “.

The authors of the collection announced that it was guided by the samples of models of Haute couture and international trends. “Any sane person living in our reality, she feels a little prisalivajut, – said Alexander Kolpakov. And the natural expression of this feeling was the establishment of a collection of straitjackets”. He added that in this way you can show people how to cope “with the crisis that around.”

“The ability to capture the human hand. So he does something stupid. This season in trend – mesh and hooks. Well, the headdress, of course. It buckles – we grew up on this,” added the artist.

“I – straitjacket in Russian folk style. Insertion of the shawls-Baranovskaya painting. And the kokoshnik. My outfit symbolizes a certain stiffness. It does not allow to Express themselves. As our modern society,” – said one of the participants of the show Maria Nikeshin.

A straitjacket is a special clothing, locking hands. It is often used in medicine to control the movements of psychiatric patients.

Умора: в России устроили модный показ смирительных рубашек

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