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Hilarious: fresh selection of jokes for a good mood

Смешно до слез: свежая подборка анекдотов для хорошего настроенияCharge with positive!

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes from our selection.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

— What do you think?
— If I had all the Chinese UAH chipped!

First Grader Little Johnny:
Mom, today the Director of the school asked if I was the only child in the family.
— The only one. What?
The Director said, “Thank God!”.

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— You want potatoes with mushrooms?
— Oh, great. Of course, I will!
— That’s wonderful! And then purees for two weeks is already the mushrooms had grown.

Mom writes a note to his son’s teacher:
“Ivan Ivanovich, don’t you dare to criticize so severely our johnny! He is gentle and weak child. My husband and I will never beat him, except in self-defense…”

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There are two friends:
— What’s new?
— Married!
— Yes? And how’s your wife? Beautiful?
Yeah! All they say, like mother of God!
Is there a photie? Show me!
— On!
— MA-and-losses are Bo-o-Giat…

— Dad, you’re my gift you promised.
First I heard of it.
— Well, you promised a gift!
The second time I hear it.

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