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Hidden features of phone that almost nobody knows

Скрытые возможности телефона, о которых почти никто не знаетUseful tips for managing your own phone.

For anybody not a secret that the phones greatly facilitate our lives, making it more mobile and easier. We use many features that, no doubt, save in different situations. However, your gadget, in addition to its main purpose, and still has many untapped opportunities that you never knew existed.

1. Fast charging

If the phone is discharged and you need to charge it, use aviarium. Your smartphone charge twice as fast.

Also to save battery life will help dark Wallpaper on your home screen, which will turn off automatic backlight pixels, and the phone can operate without recharging much longer.

2. Instant text cleanup

Instead slowly remove the message in the traditional way, owners of iPhones can simply shake the phone, and in seconds the text box will be completely clean.

3. Pop-up ads

Each of us at least once faced with annoying pop-up Windows in applications on the phone. If you don’t want to buy paid content apps, there’s an easy way to get around is itself, after placing the smartphone in airplane mode. At the time you can forget about advertising and quietly enjoy the necessary program.

4. Offline viewing

It often happens that we open in the browser a long article or book to read it later, and after a while, once in a trip or out of town, find that all progruzheno page is missing due to bad mobile connection. On Android to avoid it — just click on the download icon and your page will remain open even in offline mode.

5. The timer to turn off audio

The timer on the smartphone there is a very convenient feature that will be useful to all fans to listen to music or audiobooks before bed. In the tab “Timer” will put the necessary time, and in the settings ringtone select the box to “Stop”. Now it is possible not to be afraid to leave your smartphone on all night, your phone will turn off the music and “sleep”.

6. Mobile mouse for computer

Programmes Air Mouse Pro for iOS and Android Remote Mouse you can replace a wired mouse on mobile. The main feature of this app is to create from your smartphone full control of the computer or laptop.

7. Level on your phone

All smartphones have long been equipped with sensors that determine the position of the device in space. By downloading a special application, you will be able to use your phone as a level, which will measure the required surface.

8. Improved communication

This feature will be useful for all the owners of iPhones and will help to improve the quality of communication, if you are out of town or any other place where the coverage of your operator is too weak. Just start typing that combination of characters: *3370#. This action activates on your smartphone the full sized mode coding in which the communication quality will be much better. And to disable you need to dial the following combination — #3370#.

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