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Hidden danger: which foods you can’t eat on an empty stomach

Скрытая опасность: какие продукты нельзя есть натощакVery hungry, we are capable of, as they say, an elephant to eat, either-and, most importantly, more.

The use of these products on an empty stomach can hurt your stomach.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you need carefully to choose products that you are going to eat on an empty stomach. We have identified 7 foods that are not exactly suitable for a morning meal.

In the morning, refrain from eating sweet pastries. The yeast contribute to the production of gases in the stomach which leads to bloating and, as a consequence, to the unpleasant sensations. If you can’t live without baked goods, try to use dough.

Make it a rule not to eat sweets on an empty stomach. This will save you from serious metabolic disorders, including diabetes. The fact is that when a large dose of sugar enters the stomach, the pancreas cannot cope with this load, and works hard. Long passion for sweets on an empty stomach incapacitate the pancreas, which affects the execution of its core functions, in particular the production of adequate amount of insulin.

For many, the morning starts with a Cup of coffee, and, unfortunately, other than coffee at Breakfast is often nothing more is included. Lovers of morning coffee you need to know that contained in the drink caffeine when injected into the stomach leads to irritation of the mucous membrane, resulting in increased secretion of gastric juice. If in addition to coffee, nothing more to eat, the acid (gastric juice) begins to corrode the tissues of the stomach, thereby provoking the development of gastritis. In addition, coffee contains bitterness, which have choleretic properties, thus provoking useless release of bile from the gallbladder.

Yogurt and kefir
Yogurt, kefir and other dairy products on an empty stomach is not so much harmful as useless. The main value of dairy products is useful microflora – lactic acid bacteria. If you are taking these products on an empty stomach, the bacteria get into the aggressive acidic environment and are killed in the stomach before reaching the intestines. So if you’re drinking dairy products with the aim to normalize the digestion, don’t do it on an empty stomach.

Cold drinks

To drink in the morning is possible and even necessary, because the glass of water allows you to “warm up” the gastrointestinal tract before taking Breakfast. However, do not drink too cold drinks, because in that case you may get irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. If you have chronic diseases of the digestive tract, the cold drinks can trigger aggravation. In addition, cold drinks lead to vasoconstriction of the stomach and deterioration of the local blood circulation, which would complicate the process of digestion.

Lovers of orange and grapefruit juices should reconsider your diet, as eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach is the shortest path to gastritis. The acid contained in citrus fruits can corrode the stomach wall, causing the development of serious diseases. Especially careful should be people with high levels of acidity and chronic gastritis.

Pear and persimmon
These fruits contain large amounts of roughage, which, falling into the gastrointestinal tract, can injure the mucous membranes and to slow down their work.

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