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Hicks and pension

Голодранцы и пенсия

No sooner had the promoters to howl to the news of Russian passports for the residents of “certain areas”, both from the officials ‘ offices began explanations. In particular, the Pension Fund promptly announced that no Russian pensions to all sorts of beggars not while living in Ukraine. So she needs to pay it. There was even some kind of an agreement in the framework of the CIS, of which (agreement) Ukraine have not yet emerged. However, in the documents of the CIS, probably, there is no agreement what to do if one member believes another member country of the aggressor.

In General, until moving to the territory of Russia and not get a residence — we do not know you. The citizens you are there or not is your problem. Pensions for you and never will. Thank you for your call, pass, not linger. Next!

Apparently, this kind of gifts from all of the agencies will emerge further.

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