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Herpes on lips: how to prevent

Герпес на губах: как предотвратитьPainful bubble that appeared on the lips, not only upset us, but also makes life difficult.

Herpes infection is often annoying when the immune system is exposed to a special load.

Virus aktiviziruyutsya and manifests itself in a rash on the skin and mucous membranes. It gives pain, makes discomfort in daily life and does not look aesthetically pleasing. In order to quickly get rid of the symptoms of this infection and to protect others, you should follow a few rules.

Safety precautions

Use individual dishes, towel for face. Try to avoid contact of the lips and hands. Before use care products for face and lips dial in the desired portion of a cosmetic spoon. Wash with soap and fingertips after applying any funds on the lips or around the mouth. For applying medication, use disposable cotton buds.

Do not use a drying means to speed up the destruction of the vesicles at the site of inflammation. This may contribute to the spread of infection to adjacent areas of the skin and mucous membranes.

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Principles of treatment

Unfortunately eliminate the herpes virus from the body is impossible. However, modern antiherpetic drugs can inhibit the reproduction of the genetic material of the virus, due to their molecular structure. An important feature of their actions is to work only in infected cells. Meeting with the antiherpetic drug molecule virus treats it as a substrate for the reproduction of their DNA, after which the replication process of the virus is blocked.

According to recent research, the most effective is the combination of intake of antiviral drug inside local treatment with cream or ointment. Isolated application of tools for local use could trigger further frequent recurrence of herpes rash. Treatment is better to start as soon as it becomes visible local redness. In this case, a complete picture of the rash may not develop, fading at the stage of erythema. The first-line drug is usually Acyclovir.

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Not just a cold

The herpes labialis is usually seen as temporary cosmetic defect. However, when recurring episodes of rash, which is six times a year and above, should seriously think about the state of the immune system. Such cases require a special approach to treatment, always under the guidance of a doctor. Self-medication and uncontrolled use of antiviral drugs can significantly harm the body and reduce the effectiveness of subsequent therapy.

It should be noted that now the views on the predominant localization of herpes simplex virus type 1 revised. Increasingly, it becomes the cause of not only labeling, but also genital herpes.

Thus, you should pay more attention to the prevention of herpes lesions. For the effective treatment of recurrence, contact your doctor.

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