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“Heroes Park”: the people of Kiev revolted patrol autogamy

"Герои парковки": киевлян возмутили патрульные-автохамыIn Kiev, the patrol was a good lesson for passion to Park in handicapped spaces.

An eyewitness in social networks said that was a multiple witness to the fact that patrol police had to leave my Prius at the Parking areas designated for persons with disabilities.

“I live near the Auchan at St. Berkovetskaya, 6, often it go, and periodically patrol noticed a parked Prius in the Parking place for the disabled,” – said from Kiev.

The man writes that observation patrol decided to make his wife and the only picture in social networks was not content. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Autogamy conversation is not supported, patrol just off the grounds of a large employment their behavior.

The woman said in the patrol hotline “102”, arrived on the scene another crew, the police began to shield their colleagues and argued that the police acted within the legal framework.

“She made an oral statement on a patrol along the line 102 caused the other patrol Prius, showed them a photo of the offender, heard a funny response to the newly arrived cops. They say that they can Park in handicapped spaces (without blue lights) and generally can do it all – no in the rules of such violation! But the magic of the Internet – and the cops blushing reading the article and fines”, – told about the situation from Kiev.

This once again proves the rule.6 ignorance of the law is no excuse, and the “old woman” in the form of cops when there is a “my”.

"Герои парковки": киевлян возмутили патрульные-автохамы

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