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Heroes of the Storm preparing for a major update

Heroes of the Storm готовится к масштабному обновлениюUpdate 2.0 will disappear in the ceiling level.

Although some gamers think Heroes of the Storm is not the most successful Blizzard game, the developers still continue to support it. Soon the game will grow to 2.0 and significantly transformed.

Update 2.0 will disappear in the ceiling level. Now the total level of the player stops at 40, and the level of individual heroes — 20. Blizzard will combine the system: the level of the player will display the sum of the levels of his characters. In addition, the number of the required experience pereplanirovat so that progress will accelerate.

This is due to the new reward boxes. For each level will be issued one container with four things — almost like in Overwatch. The difference is that in Heroes of the Storm containers differ according to the type of the rarity of the items that are there. For example, in the “epic” box will drop at least one epic item, but the chances of a “legendary” in the usual chest too. In the boxes you can find extra characters, portraits, replica, commentators, as well as new types of cosmetics — banners, emoticons, and graffiti.

Yet another similarity with the Overwatch system duplicates. If the box you find a subject that you already have it sawed into pieces. This is a new currency that can be spent in-game store. While the usual gold is not going anywhere, and a direct alternative to real money will become the third currency — crystals. Crystals also will periodically drop in elevation.

In the 2.0 update there are other changes so check out the details on the official page and in the diaries of developers. At the moment the update is beta testing it should last a month. The authors of Heroes of the Storm also introduced a new character — Cassius from the universe of Diablo.

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