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“Here something to eat and going on a diet”: funny jokes about unpredictable women

"Вот поем и сяду на диету": смешные приколы о непредсказуемых женщинахFunny jokes will keep you amused.

Women are beautiful and unpredictable.

They inspire men to great deeds and manifestation of the most noble feelings. And each of them knows their value and did not question their own uniqueness.

Published jokes about the most charming and attractive, who doesn’t like it.

The trauma comes a woman with a bandaged arm and leg.
— What’s wrong with you? the doctor asked.
— Turned on the refrigerator and it zapped me in the arm.
— And with a foot that?
— I have punched him…

Conversation friends:
— I’m actually a good woman. This morning, for example, one fool 1000 UAH gave.
— Wow! 1000 UAH! I wonder what your husband said?
— What could he say? Thanked, of course.

Two friends:
— You going alone? Because the street is so dark.
Nothing. I’ll try not to scare anyone.

— Well, worked your garlic diet?
— I lost 3 kg and all my friends!

The father asked his little daughter:
— Why are you so sad?
— I have just had an unpleasant conversation with your wife!

Talking to two friends:
— What do you think about this system weight loss, how many do you lose?
— I think 5-10.
— Pounds?
— Thousand.

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