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Here IT is: the First trailer for the new “IT” (IT, 2017) based on the novel by Stephen king (PREMIERE!)

UPDATE: RUSSIAN TRAILER IS OUT TOO! Happened, the long awaited first trailer for the horror movie “It” (It) came! And we waited so long for this! Look, fear, admire, comment. The benefit is that the to discuss, it is unlikely that these two and a half minutes of video anyone indifferent. How good is the teaser? How close to the original novel will be a movie? Do you feel the spirit of the works of Stephen king in this video? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Personally, I liked the teaser rather than not, although, I confess, I was expecting something more. Pennywise showed, but not enough. The scene with Georgie showed – but at least. In fact it’s really a TEASER, not a full trailer. But there have been teasers, which themselves differed little from the trailers. And because of this (due to the fact that Pennywise little, etc) I’m a little disappointed.

Soon we nataschili for you frames from this video (actually ALREADY). And while the previous trailer, the television adaptation of the novel. 1990. Director: Tommy Lee Wallace. The role Pennywise brilliant Tim Curry!

In anticipation of this premiere, we published a number of interesting materials about the upcoming “It.” If it was overlooked earlier, then now Pannevis told to check out:

“IT” by Stephen king – TRAILER preview, the first official movie poster!

– What would be Pennywise, if “It” was shot Vincenzo Natali

– Fake or true? Surfaced parts of script failed “IT” Cary Fukunaga

From the realm of death, a new incarnation of chilling horror. IT lurks in the shadows everywhere. And here are a few school friends, returning home to meet THIS face to face. IT knows all their fears, as if deeply hidden they may be, IT draws power from hatred and frustration. A creature without a name and clear forms eating that nasty and evil that lurked in them.

The world premiere will take place on 7 September 2017.

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