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Hemp is taiga as China knocks out Russia

Пеньки вместо тайги: как Китай вырубает Россию

A huge forest area of Siberia has turned into a desert. In General, the Far East, the illegal sale of timber brings a 450 million dollars. profit a year, two thirds of this amount goes to foreign operators, mainly Chinese and South Korean origin.

Shocking information and photos leads to FB blogger Andrew Barb. But first, one of the comments to his post:

A few years ago was talking to a helicopter pilot, said that there are areas in Siberia, over which it is possible to fly half a day and some stumps on the former site of the forest, all in China“.

Пеньки вместо тайги: как Китай вырубает Россию 

Russia loaned to China to 1 million hectares of forest under logging – it is a shocking news came for a long time and somehow did not cause the slightest response. The representative of China said that the Chinese economy is in dire need of forest resources, therefore, considers Russia, with its vast reserves of timber as the main strategic partner. The forestry Agency said that the pilot project will “organization in terms of forest legislation of the Russian Federation the enterprises with participation of Chinese capital, which will be carried out on the territory of the forest Fund, forest management, logging and processing, including pulp production.” The experimental platform will be one of the regions of Siberia. To identify the most profitable area of FFA expressed a willingness to provide the Chinese side “any information about wood stocks in Russia and ways of its development”.

The true price of the transaction know, probably only those who have concluded it, who instead develop our own wood processing industry, invites for these purposes neighbor. And, that’s what will cost us to their benefit?

Пеньки вместо тайги: как Китай вырубает Россию 

Statistics from the article S. M. Palnikova “the Chinese presence in Russia: interim results”:

“In Primorye, for example, illegally harvested every year up to 1.5 million cubic meters of wood, which brings the shadow structures of at least $ 150 million. profit – almost half the annual budget of the region. The famous Baikal-Amur mainline today – tens lezozagotovitelnyh businesses, tenants Amur cutting areas. According to the Environmental Prosecutor’s office, under the cabin in the Amur region received more than half of the state forest Fund.

According to the world Fund of nature protection (as of February 2002), such a scale deforestation is threatening the complete disappearance of forests in the near future!

In General, the Far East, the illegal sale of timber brings a 450 million dollars. profit a year, two thirds of this amount goes to foreign operators, mainly Chinese and South Korean origin.

Пеньки вместо тайги: как Китай вырубает Россию 


The most barbaric way exterminated animals. In the reports of the border Department of the FSB in DVO were reported as fairly mundane facts that the detention of some Chinese couriers was discovered 210 dead paws of bears, others – 250 kg of lips of dead moose, the third – 2500 sable skins, etc.

Serious damage has been done in recent years, the forests of Irkutsk region. Gaining permission supposedly for sanitary felling of trees, loggers (typically hire Chinese locals) to further act at their own discretion, first-class cutting logs and taking only the lower, most valuable part of the trunk, and throwing the rest on the site of felling. Paying per cubic metre of roundwood $ 40, Chinese firms and then sold on the international markets of forest timber is already $ 500. per cubic meter. Contributing to this robbery, the Chinese government even passed a law prohibiting the acquisition of Russian processed timber”.

Now this robbery, unprecedented in any other country, except the most backward colonies, will receive an additional legal base.

Simultaneously with the news of the conclusion of the above transaction received the message on detention of smugglers who tried to smuggle to China 500 paws of brown and Himalayan bears. A wonder that there are still bears in Siberia! What’s more, they are listed along with the Amur tiger in the Red Book. For how long? The Chinese are known to not take care of the flora and fauna even on their own territory. What can we say about someone else!

Пеньки вместо тайги: как Китай вырубает Россию 

Not to mention the issue of expansion, a huge concern is the fact that with such a policy we will soon get the desert instead of the forest!

But such a prospect did not concern the Russian authorities. Immediate benefits obscures everything. For the sake of it sold under the forest felling China. For her gubata river. For our country it is drawn into the world dump for radioactive waste, which at the moment has accumulated more than 550 million tons. Representatives of international environmental organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the unacceptable conditions of storage of radioactive waste in Russia. Not so long ago one of the German TV channels showed a report about a chemical plant in Seversk, in whose territory under the open sky rusting barrels of uranium waste, imported from Germany. Rosatom plans to create a system of radioactive waste storage facilities and to launch in 2010 a system of radioactive waste management. The Corporation also plans to launch in 2015, the system of management of spent nuclear fuel and the programme of decommissioning of nuclear facilities. The question is, why would not develop these systems before the import of hazardous wastes into the country? Why, in General, Western countries prefer to send this “valuable cargo” to us, and not to engage in its processing? But all this does not matter for the gentlemen of the government! The main thing was to get profit for a permit to import radioactive waste and what to do with them then – again, “maybe” displays…”

If we, the people of Russia, do not start to take steps to change the situation, soon all of Russia will turn into a desert, where you will not grow trees, which will not be able to live animals and birds, which also can not live and the people, i.e. Us. And so if we can’t think today, if we don’t start to do anything to change the situation!

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