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Help “the Cult of Chuckie” to get to the Russian cinema!

A new film about the adventures of red-haired doll killer will be released in October this year. It will be called “the Cult of Chucky”, and perhaps this is justified because the franchise is really a long time became a cult classic among horror fans. Universal studios will release the picture in limited release in the United States, but the Russian puppet slasher fans also want to see their idol on the big screens, right? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On the platform there was a petition calling to arrange the rental of the “Cult of Chucky” in cinemas. And Zone Horror is proud to join this drive!

This message is addressed to the Russian representation of Universal studios, namely, UPI — Universal Pictures International. Fans of Chucky in Russia and the CIS please contribute to the release of the new in cinemas!
Please join this petition to all concerned fans of the series! Chucky will do great again!

Well, I guess that makes sense. If your local production company will see that in our country many people are waiting for this movie and going to the movies, anything can happen!

Remember, “the Cult of Chuckie” is orchestrated by the father of the franchise Don Mancini. The Creator claims that this will be the bloodiest picture of the entire series, which will return the characters from the previous parts. In addition, we promise a strong psychological Thriller in the spirit of “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. Quite a mixture, huh?

So, it’s up to you, friends! Let’s passarim, seforim this petition, that there is strength and all channels! In social networks, on small forums there are long queues in the clinic and on the walls in the Elevator — everywhere should know about the “Cult of Chucky”!

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