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“Hellraiser 10”: looks Like we have a release date

Tenth edition of the franchise, Hellraiser: Judgment, should have been released back in March of this year, but stuck somewhere between worlds. Well, it seems that in this case there comes a certainty, and a meeting with Cenobite is not far off.

At least on the Amazon website appeared release date of the film on Blu-ray, and anyone can make a pre-order. About the release in theatres of the question from the beginning, so the news is good.

“Hellraiser 10: the Court” will tell about how

Detectives Sean and David Carter are investigating a brutal serial killer terrorizing the city. To the rescue comes detective Christine Egerton, and together they fall deeper and deeper into the horror that may not belong to this world. Can the Justice, who yearn for a murder victim, also require the soul of Sean?

Directed by Gary j. Tunnicliff (“Hansel and Gretel”).

The role of Pinhead this time played Paul T. Taylor. (“Sin city”). Also in the caste involved herself Heather Langenkamp (“a Nightmare on elm street”).

So, if you believe the aforementioned resource release “Hellraiser 10” will be held on 13 February 2018.

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