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HELLFEST: it Seems that now someone is beheaded (VIDEO)

Look at an excerpt from slasher “Hellfest”. Interestingly, the key role in this scene I play the guillotine, the horror legend Tony Todd and 24-year-old star of the TV series “Scream” Bex Taylor-Klaus. Oh, and a mysterious killer in a mask, it seems, is also nearby. As much without him?

Three friends meet on the eve of Halloween, and he and his guys decide to celebrate by going out to Hellfest, popular festival, the main goal of the organizers and participants is to scare each other half to death. But for a serial killer in the mask Hellfest is not just a carnival of horrors, and deadly games. He shreds and choking everyone in sight, and the excited crowd has no idea what’s around the corpses multiply. And, when the attention switches to maniac Natalie, Brooke and Taylor, the girls quickly realize that you can not expect help from anyone. They will have to fight hard to survive this night.

Besides Todd and Taylor-Klaus, in the caste of the movie are Amy Forsyth (“Null channel”), Raine Edwards (“Snowfall”), Christian Balis (“Breathe”), Roby Attal (“Long way home”) and Matthew Mercurio (“Mr. Robot”).

Director: Gregory Plotkin (“Paranormal activity 5”).

In Russia, “Hellfest” will arrive October 11.

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