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“Hell” in France: “Yellow jackets” blocked the fuel storage and ransacked 4 million

"Ад" во Франции: «Желтые жилеты" блокировали топливохранилища и устроили погром на 4 млн

“Yellow jackets” blocked a Total of 11 fuel depots in France and made in Paris “hell”. Burned 6 buildings, more than 100 cars and looted dozens of restaurants and shops. Damage estimated at about 4 million euros.

Activists of the movement “yellow jackets” continue to commit outrages in the whole of France. They have blocked 11 of the fuel warehouses of the company Total, as well as access to shopping centres and some airports. And it’s not talking about the organized “protests” riots in Paris.

It is reported that because of the actions of the “yellow jackets” ran out of gas in 75 of 2.2 thousand gas stations Total. Especially the shortage of fuel is felt in the city of Brittany, where filling stations have imposed restrictions on the sale of gasoline and diesel to motorists.

It is noted that since December 3, owners of cars will sell fuel for no more than 30 euros per night, the owners of the trucks for 200 euros. The city authorities explain this by the need to ensure the smooth operation of emergency services.

Not spared the “yellow jackets” and the capital of France is Paris. On Saturday in the city, a wave of pogroms, in which 110 protesters were injured and 23 law enforcement officers, about 412 of the activists were taken to the police. The day in Paris was set on fire 6 buildings, looted dozens of shops and restaurants and more than 100 vehicles were burned the “yellow jackets.” The damage lies in the range from 3 to 4 million euros.

“It does not include work on the arc de Triomphe, putting in order the fences of the Tuileries gardens and the more compensation the owners of looted stores, restaurants, and the owners of burned cars”, – quotes the channel BFMTV, the statement of the city hall of Paris.

It is noteworthy that a number of shopkeepers especially have fun at the Windows of their shops yellow jackets in “solidarity” with the protesters. These stores were untouched during the looting and riots in the city.

We will remind that the sudden revolt arose in France after the government announced plans on 1 January 2019 to raise the tax on diesel by 6.5%, gasoline – by 2.9%, and to prohibit the use of diesel fuel to promote environmentally friendly modes of transport. The protesters are demanding the cancellation of these decisions, as well as the resignation of the President of Emmanuel Macron.


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