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Hell Iceman Michael Berryman (VIDEO)

YouTube somehow thinks that the title of this short film should be translated as , “One of them”. Even so, although personally, I think that closer would be “One, please” or “One, please” – One Please.

Whatever it was, and in front of us – a 5 minute horror film about a creepy ice cream salesman, small sweets and their loving parents. Must be the kids got pretty Director and screenwriter Jesse Burks constant whining about a cold one nice and at some point, Jesse came up with the idea that someone “not of this world” the very phrase “a nice cold” may imply not ice cream.

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The role of ice cream man starred Michael Berryman – actor with a memorable appearance and a horror icon, something like Xavier Beteta past decades. On account of Michael’s dozens of films of varying quality, including the iconic “hills have eyes”, “Deadly blessing”, “the Guyver”.

PySy: For the tip on the movie I would like to thank all our VC-subscriber Alexei Semenov!

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