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Hell and its healing properties

Хрен и его исцеляющие свойстваWith the onset of cold doctors recommend to — to lay on food, which is composed of horseradish.

Horseradish root, and its leaves have unique properties. Despite the fact that the taste of horseradish is very sharp and even burning in some way, it is still used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes. Of course, hell can be eat in fresh and thermally processed, but at the same time it will retain all of their nutrients.

Most often, hell add in conservation and nutritionists say that it is useful to RUB the horseradish root into salads and other dishes instead of the usual hot pepper or some other seasoning. The fact that hell is low calorie — only 48 calories per 100 grams of product, but at the same time to eat such a quantity of bitter hell hardly anyone will. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet even those who are dieting.

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The main useful properties of horseradish, which everyone should know:

1. Strengthens the immune system. In horseradish contains sufficient amounts of vitamin C which is essential to the human body in the autumn-winter period, when the effect of the cold and the immune system needs support.

2. Cares about the heart and blood vessels. First, hell does not contain cholesterol. Secondly, it is able to eliminate it, thus creating a reliable protection of the vasculature against the development of atherosclerosis. Thirdly, in hell there are a lot of potassium — a substance essential for healthy heart and its functionality.

3. Activates and normalizes the bowels, not just the healing of existing ailments, but also protecting their possible future development. Plus, the volatile constituent of hell, provide the digestive system timely cleansing from toxic substances.

4. Eliminates bacteria. Hell is often called a natural antibiotic, so even doctors advise to use it as an additional medication in case of poisoning, urinary tract infections, flu and other infectious diseases.

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5. Strengthens bones. In hell, there is even calcium in this connection, it regularly should be used for people who do sports professionally and those who want to support your bone health.

For a long time can enumerate the unique properties of hell, but one of the most useful in the period of cold weather is the elimination of nasal congestion and help in the treatment of respiratory ailments. Enough to squeeze horseradish juice or you can make it on the root of the notches, and then just to inhale its healing aroma. Will not prevent the common cold to include in the diet meals with horseradish, they have a positive impact on the health of the patient.

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