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Heinous methods of torture. Photo

Чудовищные методы пыток. ФотоAbout the most common in our time, torture we’ll talk further.

Despite the fact that we live in the XXI century, the world is still a place for torture.

For the physical and psychological punishment, as well as obtain the necessary information, use a variety of torture, some of which have remained unchanged since ancient times, while others appeared relatively recently. About the most common in our time, torture we’ll talk further.

1. Bench tiger

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

In China, with great caution and are persecuted for practicing Falun Gong, a kind of spiritual discipline, which first appeared in 1992. Literally since the very beginnings of this discipline of Falun Gong practitioners severely punished.

One of the forms of torture used against them, called the tiger bench. Human hard tied for the torso and legs on the long bench under the back and head he put the Board. Then under the ankle lay bricks as long as no tear of the rope will not break or trapped legs.

2. Hell of a conclusion

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

For those members of Falun Gong who have been unlucky and caught them, there is also an option worse than the tiger bench: a hell of a conclusion. This device includes a pair of handcuffs and leg-irons connected by a steel rod. Rod presses on the back of the prisoner, making him virtually immobile. Prisoner find it hard to walk, sit, eat and use the toilet.

3. Phone Tucker

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

People who have gone to prison in the 1960-ies, the last thing I wanted to be a state prison in Arkansas, Tucker. In 1960, the doctors at this prison to torture some of the most recalcitrant of prisoners began to use the device, which became known as the Tucker telephone.

The device worked like this: around the big toe of a prisoner wrapped the ground wire, while the wire that supplies electricity, were attached to his genitals. Then the cord attached phone in the result, when calling through his genitals passed current. Phone Tucker was banned in the 1970s.

4. Rack

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

Despite the fact that the rack has been particularly common in the Renaissance, during the last century, this invention again remembered. Many people know such torture as “Palestinian hanging,” in which a prisoner hung by his hands linked behind his back.

This leads to a dislocation of the shoulder joints under the weight of the body. When a prisoner is so tired that he could not hold himself upright, his body leaning forward and breathing much more difficult.

5. Cold chamber

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

Has six CIA interrogation techniques, which they are authorized to use, and one of them is a real torture. The cold chamber is the so — called “enhanced interrogation technique” where the prisoner sit down in front of the air conditioner for hours, days and even years. This practice was used not only in the CIA.

6. Shuanghui

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

In China shuanggui is a form of unlawful detention used by the Communist party against the people suspected of corruption. People are kidnapped, held in detention for up to 6 months until the verdict is in: the detainee is guilty or not.

At this time, as reported by some witnesses, prisoners amounted to torture.

7. German chair

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

During the war in Syria has been widely used torture. One of the most popular that authorities have used against the rebels, was the German chair. When a rebel was captured, it was planted in a steel chair. His arms and legs were attached to the metal seat, and the chair fell backwards and down to earth.

This caused a heavy load on the spine, neck and extremities, which often led to irreversible damage and rupture.

8. Cat-desativada

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

The instrument of torture, which is also known as simply “cat”, is essentially a whip with nine tails. His claws can inflict the ragged ranks of the RAS. Sometimes the tails have also attached a little metal balls with spikes, to make the torture even more painful.

For the first time this weapon appeared in Ancient Egypt. Also still used as a form of punishment in Trinidad and Tobago. The phrase “let the cat out of the bag” (to do something secret revealed) originally had a literal meaning: the action of pulling the lashes out of the bag prior to flogging.

9. White torture

Чудовищные методы пыток. Фото

This kind of torture, which is a form of emotional and physical torture, maybe the worst of all. Instead of having to beat the man, torture him shock or lock in the box, prisoner torture sensory deprivation and isolation. The victim locked in a cell without Windows, where everything is painted in creamy white color. Feed him white rice served on a white plastic plate. If there is a need to go to the toilet, the prisoner pushes it under the door, a white sheet of paper to alert the guards, who wear special shoes, designed to muffle the sound. The prisoner is forbidden to talk.

Ibrahim nabawi, the Iranian journalist who has been through such torture in prison in his homeland, said the worst in the white torture is that “you’ll never be free” even after release.

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