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Height, Smoking and alcohol: how did the Ukrainians since 2012

Рост, курение и алкоголь: как изменились украинцы с 2012 годаUkrainians began to smoke less.

Ukrainians have become taller, eat better and smoke less. This is evidenced by the annual monitoring of Institute of sociology of the National Academy of Sciences.

“Ukrainians 2.5 cm increased from the beginning of observations of the Institute of sociology. And for the first time we measured this indicator in 2002. We have an average growth in 2002 was 168 cm, and now 170,5 cm the average height of Ukrainian. But I wonder what else 169 cm was in 2012. That is, we are still at 1.5 cm was grown. It figures. So in all civilized countries, in all developed countries this process is: people are getting taller and heavier. And here we are, in this sense, the global trend”, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute Evgeny Golovakha.

The scientist also said that today, in comparison with 2012, people who believe they lack the ability to eat normally, 8 per cent less.

Also, the Deputy Director of the Institute of sociology noted the favorable trend in comparison with 2012, the Ukrainians have less to smoke before Smoking was 22%, now 17%.

The scientist also said that Ukraine is a culture of drinking alcohol.

“In terms of, Ukrainians drink about the same. But given that stress has become greater, we would have to drink more. We have much more reason to drink to take the edge off… Obviously some kind of culture of drinking had already formed. This means that all the same people differently relieve stress. So, too, is good,” – said the scientist.

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