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Heat waves in Australia have led to the death of millions of fish

Аномальная жара в Австралии привела к смерти миллионов рыб In some places the temperature reached +49,5°C.

This year for the Australians began with unbearable heat. Due to the high temperatures (+30°C and above) people and animals are suffering from drought and forest fires. Already beginning to die even the fish belly up float millions of creatures.

The heat had not gone more than half of the past month, said Andrew Watkins from the Department of climatology. Was broken many temperature records.

For example, on January 24 in South Australia the thermometer showed +49,5°C. the Main reason for the intolerable warming is climate change. In the river Murray-darling has lost about a million fish: create cooked alive.

The effects of heat are terrifying. The recovery will take years, if not decades. The desolate river flows through 5 States on the East of the country. For some time the fishermen have to forget about his hobby so as not to aggravate the situation.

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