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Heartburn after the new year’s feast: proven ways eliminate

Изжога после новогоднего застолья: проверенные способы устраненияFolk methods of dealing with heartburn will help to get rid of the discomfort in the esophagus.

New year’s feast and a whole week after the holiday promise to all of us overeating, which for many people can result in digestive problems. One of the common side effects feast for the New year is heartburn.

These methods will help you to get quick relief from heartburn:

– chew mint gum without sugar;

– drink a few drops of aloe juice mixed with water in proportion 1:3;

– eat a stick of licorice;

– drink a glass of water with 0,5 teaspoon of baking soda, but only once a day;

– as soon as you start torturing heartburn, prepare a ginger drink made from fresh ginger root with lemon and honey;

– drink 30 ml of fresh lemon juice which can be diluted in water and you can drink and pure;

– a glass of whole milk or sour milk quickly rescues from heartburn;

– freshly squeezed potato juice often do people who regularly experience heartburn due to chronic diseases of the stomach;

almond nuts in time to neutralize stomach acid, so if you overcome the heartburn during a meal – eat a handful of almonds;

– stop drinking sodas and alcohol because they are powerful irritants to the stomach lining and esophagus;

– drink a decoction of chamomile, fennel or anise – these herbs effectively eliminate heartburn.

Try to track exactly which product has caused heartburn for the holiday table and simply don’t eat it next time, to attack the burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus is not repeated.

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