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Heart poster from “Killing sacred deer”

Stephen is a successful heart surgeon. He lived and grieved along with his beautiful wife, very similar to Nicole Kidman, and two cute kids. And then Steven decided to integrate into the family of a teenage boy named Martin, who lost his father (kind of like on the operating table, Steven). All is good, but Martin was quite the character, and the life of a successful heart surgeon began to turn into a nightmare.

That’s about it, the new film by Giorgos Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer), which is known and unpredictable story of revenge, complex and grotesque metaphor with motifs of Euripides ‘ tragedy “Iphigenia at Aulis”, and just a cool movie called too. Because we followed him and watched.

In the Network appeared the new poster of the painting, which easily can be present anywhere in the study of anatomy. Well, or in the relevant tutorial. Visually it’s not much, but as they say, there is an ulterior motive. Lastimosa all for nothing.

If you missed the trailer for “Deer”, it can be corrected. Twice to correct. Well, footage to watch at the same time.

In the picture marked Colin Farrell (“True detective”), Barry Keegan (“Dunkirk”), Nicole Kidman (“the Others”), Alicia Silverstone (“blast from the past”) and bill camp (“One night”).

20 Oct 2017 film will go to theatre rentals in the US, and November 16 will reach and Russia.

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