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Hear the voice of the “Inner demon” (VIDEO)

The Australian horror film “Inner demon” got a new trailer and poster.

About this painting we wrote recently, shared frames, passages, old teaser trailer, etc.

Fresh promotional materials dedicated to the release of the tape on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and many other platforms. Distribution of the film was launched on April 21.

Synopsis “Inner demon” is as follows:

The tape will tell us about a girl named Sam, who along with sister becomes a hostage of the couple frostbitten serial killers. The girl manages to escape, but the cabin in the woods, which she hoped would be safe refuge, is in fact more dangerous and scary place.

However, as stressed by the new poster, it’s not a simple story about the survival of the prisoners. The case involved a mystic. And this reminds me of the plot of another film — “the house on willow street”, which we discussed not long ago. Can compare, it’s interesting.

However, the Director of “Inner demon”, the Australian Ursula Dabrowski, clearly different handwriting. Looks like she is not as interested in gesture, as the violence, because the images of psychopaths in her film look impressive and creepy. But something lurks in the very character, right? That’s a nasty voice we hear in the trailer?

The voice of the Inner demon?

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