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Hear “It” in the excerpt from the soundtrack to the film!

The long-awaited “It” Andres, Moschetti has almost crept to us – personally, I remember about the film, passing by every sewage grate and seeing everyone bright red ball. But “It” will be possible not only to see but to listen. Already on the trailer, it became clear that the soundtrack of the film is expected to crack its author, Benjamin Wallfisch, also worked on the music for the horror film “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil”, “there goes the light…” and the “Medicine of health” (in his last work turned out just great).

And, thanks to WaterTower Music, now we will be able to hear a couple hypnotic tracks from “It” under the names Pennywise”s Tower and You’ll Float Too. Agree, something like the music for the classic monster-horror, and it sounds very impressive! Full soundtrack will be available almost simultaneously with the premiere on 8 September, and later, at the end of October, he will be released on vinyl.

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