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Healthy snacks: foods that you can eat in the office

Полезные перекусы: продукты, которыми можно питаться в офисеSnacking throughout the day to help maintain activity and performance.

In everyday life we often forget not only full to eat, but also care about the health Sneek. But in the course of the working day right after the hand reaches for a snack, and often not very useful, writes

Tell what foods should be in your tea, so as not to harm the figure and satisfy your hunger!

Dried edamame beans
Slightly salted crunchy beans contain only 100 calories per serving, you get a whopping 14 grams of saturated protein. Dried beans are a low-calorie alternative to nuts that should be included in your snack. But don’t eat more than 10-20 grams a day.

Observe the water balance
Our body often confuses thirst with hunger. So before you reach for a snack, try to drink a glass of purified table water. If your appetite subsides, means your body is dehydrated. If half an hour later you are still hungry – with a clear conscience eat.

Greek yogurt
This low-calorie protein product can be mix with fresh fruit, nuts, cinnamon, cocoa powder and vanilla. This will help you to get rid of the desire to eat something sweet.

1 Cup of grapes a day you are not hurt, despite the fact that this product enough calories. It helps to normalize the metabolism and starts the metabolism, which in turn leads to the accelerated process of weight loss.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but popcorn (without fragrances and flavors) is a source of fiber number one. Eat in the day about a couple of cups of this tasty snack without compromising health and figure.

Protein bars
A great replacement for “Snickers”, and tastes a little different from the usual chocolates. Its energy value is much higher than other sweets. But still shouldn’t eat more than half of this candy bar a day.

What exactly should not be there
We used to believe that granola, vegetarian snacks, cereals, cookies, and other a La “healthy” snacks – will not bring harm to health and the figure. But nutritionists insist on the fact that you refused them. Why?

The granola contains a lot of sugar and fats respectively this high-calorie product with a low energy value. The only useful granola – cooked yourself at home.
Cereals and crackers contain dust grain rather than whole grain. That is, anything useful from such a cracker the body does not get.

Vegetarian snacks are made from vegetable powder and not fresh vegetables as you imagine it. They do not carry any good.

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