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Healthy pumpkin: how to choose and store

Полезная для здоровья тыква: как правильно выбрать и хранитьExperts tell how to choose a good pumpkin and properly store it to extend the shelf life to maximum.

Pumpkin autumn is the most useful product. It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, so doctors recommend to use pumpkin in cooking to the maximum. But in order to pumpkin enriched the dish with its taste, you should learn how to choose it and then stored.

Rules of selection of delicious and healthy pumpkin:

– the weight of the pumpkins shall not exceed 5 kg, otherwise it will not be sweet, fragrant and juicy;

the rind of the pumpkin should be thick enough, a man can’t damage it with your fingernail or finger, as in the case of immature fruit of the pumpkin, but not too rough, because it is a testimony of its excessively dried;

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– the tail of the pumpkin should be dry and dark, ideally, he is no longer alone and there is no need to cut it off;

– clicking on a ripe pumpkin with your fingers, it “answers” the ringing sound;

– the ripe pumpkin are usually bright color stands out among the rest.

Pumpkin you can cook a huge variety of dishes, ranging from the “first” and ending with desserts. Her sweet, unique taste to decorate cakes, pancakes, soups, porridge, stews, fresh and warm salads in combination with other vegetables and fruits.

How to store a pumpkin so she is not spoiled?

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Few people know that pumpkin can be reserved for a long time. For that, you should store it on the balcony or in the cellar, but while trying to put one pumpkin at a small distance from the other.

The temperature in the place where the pumpkin should not be below +3°C and above +15°C.

If you have taken out the balcony of the pumpkin, but outside air temperature is below +3°C, it should be covered with warm blankets.

Listen to the advice of experts, who have repeatedly confirmed their theories in practice, in order to eat the most delicious pumpkin, bringing many benefits to health.

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