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Healthy living: five simple tips

Здоровый образ жизни: пять простых советовThese tips everyone should know.

You have your idea of what food is healthy and what is not, you have no particular health problems, taking the time to attend to their physical form, and it seems that everything is in order.

Maybe we should not deceive ourselves? Maybe you have already acquired habits that pose a danger to your health? Test yourself! Not every food of organic origin useful. Grown in healthy conditions, it can contain a number of fats and sugar that will cause your health more harm than products of unnatural origin.

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Studies show that people who take the time to communicate with friends and acquaintances, feel healthier and happier. The food does not satisfy all our needs. It’s obvious! Give food to your emotions and thoughts, talking on simple topics!

In no case do not skimp on sleep! Minimum number of hours of sleep a night to seven. They will help you to avoid problems with pressure, depression and lowered immunity.

You get tired quickly, become worse think. It’s time to take vitamins. Stop! Do not rush! In 2011, the data was processed in the survey, about 40 000 women. Researchers found that those who took dietary supplements — especially iron — were actually more at risk of diseases and even death.

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At the slightest symptoms of a cold or even a slight indisposition, we are often quick to take antiviral medication or antibiotic. In this moment we forget that these drugs are also not too useful for our body. Along with the viruses they kill beneficial bacteria. Let your doctor will weigh the risks involved and decide on the treatment needed.

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