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Healthy leader of the nation of

Здоровый вождь больного народа

The people’s discontent with cosmedicine and the apparent growing tension within the system Putin meets in the genre of “straight line” with yourself.

Higher events dedicated to urgent fiddling with the crisis in our medicine consisted of two parts. First, “meeting of Vladimir Putin with members of the public”, and immediately after it — from the “enlarged meeting of the Presidium of the State Council” chaired by the President.

I note that both of these actions are not necessarily supposed to be similar to the traditional ritual events, like the annual big press conference of the head of state “straight line” to him, or of the address which he speaks to the establishment. After all this time the occasion was strictly business. Even scandalous. Ordinary people are openly unhappy with cosmedicine and especially bureaucratic innovations in it. And doctors lately louder and protesting against the innovations, and against the rampant Supervisory bodies resembling terror, and against the giant income gap between ordinary staff and management.

A person who knows, as we all work, have thought that since Putin convenes government officials and the people to consult on such a hot issue, then to speak and to argue it will be about these things. But at the same time about whether it was possible to perform a “medical” sections of the “may decrees” of 2012, and even — why not? — ways of coexistence of public and private medicine, fictitious insurance and other real concerns. Otherwise, why meet?

Investigators saw anything like that not a word was said neither in the open part of the state Council or at a meeting with “representatives of the public”.

As compensation you can make sure that our head is still inclined to tell jokes. For example, the grandmother that came to a lawyer to find out what she has the right, and stunned witty answer of the lawyer. Was not deprived of entertainment and dialogue of the President with the obsequious “social worker” who wanted to get in tune, but repeatedly missed.

Social activist: We have prepared the project of a new technology centre… is located on the island of October, where you are allowed to build a cultural cluster…
Putin: I’m Not allowed, and you chose him.
The Public Man: Yes. You supported this decision.
Putin: Initiated.
The public man: Yes, he initiated. Absolutely correct. And we asked…

But let us return to serious. Speaking to the governors at the state Council, Putin has discovered the awareness of the fact that “more than 60 percent of citizens of low assess the quality of health care”. And what has been done? Here’s what: “We held a series of meetings on this subject.”

Non-payroll units of the “may decrees”of 2012 was not mentioned, but another landmark for the growth of life expectancy, have been indirectly affected: “In 2014, she was 70.9 years, and this year, according to August is 73.6. World health organization confirms these numbers.” Here it should be added that the decree ordered “the increase by 2018, the life expectancy in Russia to 74 years.” That is, even now, a year and a half after the deadline, the check digit is not yet achieved. Besides, our statistics recently enough I believe, a reference to the authority who, having only the data according to Rosstat, only increases doubts.

However, let it be so. Maybe in terms of life expectancy Russia is really on a par with Bangladesh, though still lagging behind the progress made by Peru, Vanuatu and the Gaza strip.

But let’s call this a serious discussion dead ends of state policy in health care? Of course not. And if on further discussion at the state Council, the Kremlin decided not to report, so this is also a message. Why not present the reformist thoughts and the wise insistence of high-ranking participants — governors, Ministers and senior officials of AP? Is this a hint that they are not worth attention?

Anyway, the interview leader with “public men” entirely shown and published, deemed sufficient to satisfy medical curiosity of the Russians.

What was it? Two dozen participants, one after another, were grateful and asked the leader or money for their projects or amendments to regulations. None of the requests never reach the level of first-person and should have been addressed or in the relevant departments, or local chiefs. Neither in content nor in form is no different from “straight lines with Vladimir Putin”, has long been estimated Telekritika as hopelessly outdated and have lost their ranking.

“Thank you very much for the decision about the importation of unregistered medicines. We understand how difficult it was. It is based on mercy, mercy of the state, and for him thank you so much…”

After a few wild cases where mothers are seriously and even terminally ill children were not given drugs sent, simultaneously threatening with criminal cases, the authorities seem to have softened and started to overlook this disorder. Of course, in his eyes it is a great sacrifice — an incredibly difficult decision. But what is the propaganda effect of showing such scenes? And suddenly, ordinary people do not share this humiliation of gratitude for this “charity state”?

“Straight line”, conceived as something like a cheesy PR show have now become the only public method and at the same time in the only legalized the tool of interaction of the leader with life. In response to any difficulty or trouble made to the people of another “straight line with Vladimir Putin” — the imitation game management and decision-making. Another genre he has for us. I do not like? Annoying? So what?

These authoritative verdicts shall be pronounced in other places and in secret. Mass about them and even in hindsight are notified less.

Assuming that the popularity of the regime waved his hand, and about the adequacy of their secret management of improvisations decided not to think, it’s all right.

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